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3455 Saturday, 1 December 2012: ZZZ

The World Sucks

Pooped and achey from much hiking, not going to Appleseed at Wolverton, nor the other show neither.

So about 0900 I turn on my phone, which I turned off about 1800 last night, and get two voicemails from the California dispatchers asking if I could do a cross-town run this morning no I don't think so and how is this stuff coming in so late?

Speaking of driving, yeah this is gonna suck any day now. But Portland often has a snowless year.

Project Gunwalker....

"One's capacity for sympathy ends, though, when the mourner tries to exploit his own child's death to trample the rights of others, and indeed, to render others as helpless to resist murderous violence as his son was." Tom Mauser is sick in the head, wanting to punish everyone who DIDN'T do it. Unfortunately his only solution is to use government force - uniformed thugs with GUNS - against whom we will have to defend ourselves. And that is why we own guns.

Republicans don't believe in freedom either. Or as I've said, the Evil Party and the Stupid Party are the same party.

We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

'"...[I]nnocent until proven guilty" is a myth.'

The "laws" are WRONG and the enforcers are EVIL.

"Public Health"? Not hardly.

"...[I]t is time for intelligent people to take a number of precautions in case there is a new depression. A new Great Depression."

If this goes on, this won't be fiction much longer.

Because government makes everything worse forever.

In Lighter News

Codrea Radio.


In the news, the Marines prohibit non-STANAG magazines, and Magpul... agrees. In part.

Yuri links free Thomas Paine.

I remember an episode of Babylon 5 wherein assassins were targeting the commander and the sniper scope indicated it had a "LOCK" on the target. Tucson Tom points out that's not fiction anymore. -Though, yes, it does seem to bend if not break the last three Rules.

[ramble=ON] So I'm watching this Japanese historical drama and I'm struck by something I constantly see in Japanese culture, including anime: Blinders-wearing fatalism. "Please do your best," the commander exhorts his troops, while feeding them into one strategically- and/or tactically-hopeless meat-grinder after another, often when an obvious solution is RIGHT OVER THERE. It appears to be an underlying foundation of Japanese culture that it is better to die in glorious futility than to win. Or as I saw in a movie once, I think it was the Samurai Trilogy, "To live to die." -Which we saw in the Pacific in WWII - bayonet charges against massed (or even unmassed) Brownings and Garands don't bloody work. Yes, sure, we buried them in steel and flame and overwhelming industrial superiority like the Yankees did the Confederacy, but that's not what I mean. In the TV show, if they'd just taken the bloody hill for their artillery in the first place like the Navy told them to they could have avoided tens of thousands of casualties and chased the Russian fleet out of Port Arthur for the IJN to wreck piecemeal but nooo, Nogi had to make repeated frontal assaults on heavy fortifications and massed Maxims and artillery. I've seen other observations, in the history books I've read, for example senior officers on sinking Japanese warships dying when going back to save the Emperor's portrait, thereby depriving said Emperor of their skill and experience. There are many admirable qualities in Japanese culture, but one I can't admire is a... giving-up-ness, by which I do not mean surrender on the battlefield, which they rarely do, but a deeper surrender, of their will to survive. And I don't mean what could, from a different angle, be called cowardice, surrendering in a craven ploy to preserve their individual existences, no, they take it to the other end of the spectrum, surrendering their individuality and throwing away valuable lives and abilities. I think I'm also influenced, in this-here ramble, by that book by VDH which SMLE Fan sent me, where Hanson observed the same underlying difference between Eastern and Western Cultures - we know how to quit but choose not to, and will find or create new solutions, new opportunities, new victories, with complete disregard for "tradition" or "spirit" or "the ancient code". We use what works and if it doesn't we invent something that does. They just keep on doing the same old thing over and again until they bludgeon their way to "victory" or run out of blood. Stalin had some of this too - "Ni shazu nazad", "Not one step back", or words to that effect; some of the heaviest casualties the Red Army suffered were from Stalin's refusal to retreat, from any position, for any reason, even when stragegically it would have been vastly more efficient and successful to pull back from here so they could regroup and thrust effectively there. There's something, I don't know, rote learning, refusal to question authority, a death of imagination. Which seems contraindicated by some of their artistic endeavors, like the aforementioned anime, but it's... like a different level of imagination. Do they come up with the M1918 BAR or the Thatch Weave? Or for that matter Robert Anson Heinlein? Not on their own they don't. (I'm reminded again of Shattered Sword, wherein Right Proper History Nerds Parshall and Tully investigate the nuts-and-bolts of respective carrier operations, down to approach-path-geometry and Landing Signal Officers.) Western culture generally, and Americans most particularly, have innovation, and rebellion, in our very souls. We live to live. Individually I'm sure the peoples of any nation can match us, but culturally, they're just too indoctrinated, over millennia.

I dunno. Like Blondie said to Tuco, "I've never seen so many men wasted so badly." Ticked me off. [/ramble]

3456 Sunday, 2 December 2012: ÜBERZZZ

The World Sucks

I only linked it in passing yesterday but let's revisit: UK doctor testifies that under socialized medicine, sick babies are sent home to die. And that's what Obamacare leads to.

TSA claims Congress has no control over it; refuses to attend hearings. Rule of law is dead. And if "laws" don't protect us from them....

And yet, the same amoral leftist collectivist morons who call us "fascists" are steadfast in their support of enemies foreign and Sharia.

Another bigoted business to boycott.

Wheelbarrows of paper "money"!

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring the San Bernardino Catch-22 - the police refuse to protect the citizens and deny those citizens the means to protect themselves. A reasonable person has to wonder who's getting a piece of which action. The invention of police was one of the biggest mistakes in human history.

In case you missed it, LuckyGunner, my one and only sponsor on this site, has Done the Science on .223 vs. 5.56mm.

More AR thoughts - I'm clo$e to acquiring a stripped-lower-and-stripped-upper together. I'm still figuring on the mid-length fighting upper which I've already been debited for, but this will be a matched set - it's a condition of the sale, the seller won't let go of, and doesn't have a spare, lower alone - and I don't want the result to go to waste. So I'm contemplating future con$truction of a precision upper. Mr. E.'s previous email contains several thoughts on that subject and now I'm $hopping for barrels, though that will be much further down the fiscal road. Midway lists several and one which caught my eye is a 6x45mm, which cartridge has a reputation for accuracy, to say nothing of increased terminal performance; but if this country is headed to collander-masks and fighting over the "precious juice" maybe I should stick with what I might plausibly scrounge from oppressors' corpses. But Lord Humongous aside, the mid-length upper will be for fighting, recreation, Appleseed, certain kinds of matches, 3-Gun where I'll be going through a lot of rounds - the other upper would be for longer-range matches, precision matches, also 3-Gun depending what gizmos I hang off it, and perhaps even hunting (.223 is legal for deer in some states, and Sierra lists a 65gr GameKing soft-point). For the PSA upper I'm figuring on a steady diet of bulk M193-equivalent and/or XM855 as available, but for the other, presuming I stay with .223, precision handloads all the way, using the new heavy bullets for the faster twists. But the second upper is going to have to wait anyway, I have enough of a ¢hallenge just completing something resembling an M4 - dunno where I'll find a BCG now, and I'll have trouble affording it after all the other parts I'm buying. Next weekend I'm figuring on the sack-o'-guts and buttstock. Still $hopping though - this BCG has extra mass at the rear of the carrier, which a reviewer says softens ejection. Hmm.
3457 Monday, 3 December 2012:

The World Sucks

AND THEN THE CAT PEED ON STUFF AGAIN. Not even my cat, a stray. I take her in from the rain, I feed her and pet her and spray the bactine-equivalent-for-kittehs on her wound, and she pees on my stuff. I already stopped letting her spend the night, now I'm putting her food outside. Can't trust her. Eh, half the cul-de-sac is feeding her anyway, she's noticeably gained weight and seems quite healthy otherwise.

Gunwalker, and destroying innocent lives to cover it up. As previously observed, "Do what we say and we'll throw you in jail." What's our motivation to remain "law abiding" when "law" is whatever some thug with a badge says it is?

When "law" is only a weapon used against us?

Example: Remember that SHOT Show arrest a couple years ago? Nobody else wants you to either.

Today I saw a bumper sticker: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." You mean like increasing spending to reduce debt and fantasizing about genocide?

And not even fantasizing anymore.

I keep telling you. THEY HATE US and WANT US TO DIE. How much longer until we are forced to defend ourselves?

(I never much cared about football anyway.)

Mr. E. sent me an email telling me what a great time I missed at the club's Turkey Shoot, and I responded that I hoped to make it next year, "If we're not all in camps by then." I wasn't joking. Hereditary slavery has been reintroduced to the world.

We approach a Dark Age.

In Lighter News

Contemplating the use of an AR, in 5.56mm, for hunting - by which I mean deer or something comparably common. (Saw plenty of pronghorn during the Road Trip, and near the end a deer freaked out my sister by Rapidly Approaching the Cadillac-which-just-got-fixed.) It's long been considered inadequate, but now there are new heavy bullets - Sierra lists 80 and even 90gr MatchKing hollowpoints (though the 90gr is for a 6.5" twist barrel according to the poster). But then, Sierra disrecommends their match hollowpoints for hunting. But then there's this article about doing exactly that. Hmm. -As for feeding a superlong 90gr (or more likely 80gr which is supposed to work with the barrel(s) I'm figuring on), I've already wish-listed a SLED for the AR, figuring I'll be using it in some kind of slow-fire match eventually - so I'd have a very complicated single-shot in the hunting field. (Also Sierra lists a 77gr with and without cannelure; with, on the actual-size-and-to-scale poster, the seating depth and resultant OAL appears to match XM193, though it's considerably below the shoulder.) Do that Capstick thing, with the cartridges between the fingers! If the universe stops pooping on me I might even make some ballistic gelatin and do Science.

Of course, if I get invited to control hogs on someone's ranch, it's STANAGs and PMAGs and plenty of them, that's different.

Finished Drake's Night & Demons, much of which I'd already read in Balefires and a couple pieces I skipped. Beginning Weber's Fire Season, an Honorverse prequel written for a juvenile audience.

3458 Tuesday, 4 December 2012:

The World Sucks

Project Gunwalker....

And they call us ignorant venom-spewing hatemongering bigots.

Cops want everybody's text messages, without warrant or cause. And that is why I believe the only good cop is a dead cop. These filth have the gall to wear the American flag on their uniforms. Tracfone, Net10, or the like - prepaid, no identification needed, as low as $10 each makes them disposable (they typically come with 20 minutes, and text messages are 0.3 minutes each; a 60-minute/90-day card for Tracfone is $20). Yes, America has come to the point where free people have to worry about government thugs snooping on them as general policy.

And any who try to NOT be evil are driven out and destroyed.

What can I say about this little bit of totalitarianism that won't get me dragged off to a "reeducation camp" for exercising that free-speech-thingy? "This isn't about safety."

Illustrative Observation o' the Day: "...[A]ll regulations increase costs and most provide no benefits to anyone but the bureaucrats enforcing them in exchange for paychecks and influence."

Speaking of totalitarianism: "...John Jay High [School] already has 200 surveillance cameras." For whose "safety"? Burn the schools. It's not about education.

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.


In Lighter News

I am again reminded to make a tutorial video on the M1907-style loop sling.

Print your own sturmgewehr? Still a couple bugs in the system. But working on it. "There are no failed experiments. There is only new data."

$400 is actually reasonable for a Leupold.

3459 Wednesday, 5 December 2012:

The World Sucks

Screwing the troops.... So what's the motivation for good people to enlist? Or reenlist? The legions are loyal, but to whom?

Ignorant, venom-spewing, hatemongering bigots. I don't see them arguing that the First Amendment applies only to quill pens and hand-turned printing presses.

BURN THE SCHOOLS. They haven't been about "education" for a long time.

Aaaand the GOP evidently hopes to be eaten last.

They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops.

In Lighter News

Prohibition FAIL - eventually. If I had any money to spare I'd send those guys some. The implications are vastly greater than simply making your own AR. These are the first trembling baby steps on a path that will change everything.

Vintage Evolutionary PR0N. Also moar.

Vanderboegh has the Visual Aid o' the Day - and believe-you-me, that's just the ones going into the illegal government database. Private sales, "legal" or not, are booming, coast-to-coast.

Man, AR parts are hard to find. I mean they're cataloged all over the Almighty Internets, but finding the ones I need, that I can actually afford, that are actually in stock, is the hard part.
  • Complete upper minus BCG - debited, "Processing".
  • Lower receiver - one or two more paychecks.
  • Lower parts kit & buttstock - expected to be at the show this weekend.
  • Rear sight and/or carry handle - ditto. Depending on cost; I only have so much available after all the other expenditures and side-savings.
  • Bolt Carrier Group (and charging handle) - $till $hopping. If I find them at the show, okay, but I don't expect to.

    Presently I'm just after cheap GI-standard parts so I can finish the weapon. A better charging handle, trigger if necessary, furniture, optics, etc., can be added piecemeal later.

    Meanwhile, Mr. E. sends a very detailed email on handloading the .223/5.56mm, based on first-hand experience and 600-yard match results, including a magazine-length load for the 77gr Sierra MatchKing which he says gives "unbelievable groups at 300 yards"; and a 52gr SMK load with which he's broken 0.4MOA. 8-O Them MatchKings is spendy though. :-( I have a couple hundred each of three different flavors of M193-equivalent; I liquidated my dies and most of my brass last year - but the shows and the Almighty Internets can fix that.

    3460 Thursday, 6 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    “...[T]he monumental hypocrisy of gun control advocates who try to disarm average citizens while reserving the right to bear arms for themselves alone.”

    You know what really creeps me out? People who still read newspapers and watch TV news.

    "This is the behavior of a dictatorial narcissist...."

    F*** THE GOP. No. Damn. Difference.

    I got yer "war on women" right here, you staggering brain-dead feminazi ignorami.

    And the war on Jews too.

    And They Call Us Racist o' the Day: If they don't want to be treated like uncivilized illiterate subsentient animals, they should stop acting like such. Don't get me started on what I've seen at the library....

    Cops hate citizens and want them to die, Chapter MMMCDLX.

    IF YOU'RE NOT TERRIFIED YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. And the sadistic perverts with badges unquestioningly and unhesitatingly get their ninja on, and high-five each other for destroying an innocent man's life.

    Hey cops - we hate because you are evil.

    Because you are the bad guys.

    In Lighter News

    Prohibition will FAIL.

    And here's a suggested product. Someone somewhere - heck, Magpul - makes bolt-on Picatinny rail by the chunk. Design the volksgewehr's receiver with that in mind, slap some AR sights on it, or just go straight to optics. AR trigger group and related guts, widely available (well maybe not at the moment but you know what I mean). STANAG magazine well obviously. Use a lot of off-the-shelf parts to reduce costs and manufacturing time. Barrels will likely be the sticking point but how hard would it be to rework a take-off barrel from a Remchester, found on sumdood's table at a show? Turn down excess diameters, make a bushing/extension to mate with the receiver, drill a gas port.... So it's not chrome lined and might not have the optimal twist or chamber dimensions, it'd work. So it's not sub-MOA, four minutes of angle will kill a fascist at half a klick.

    More on the shooting sling.

    Modest proposal. Actually I had that idea, with the Botany Bay series of dissident ships, briefly mentioned.

    The Almighty Internets tell me that CDNN has AR parts. Or they did when I typed this. Specifically an Israeli BCG for $150 and Israeli charging handle for $20. I could order them, right now, but I'm'a see what I find at the show first, and I'm already figuring on blowing a hundred-odd there on other parts, and the internet bill and storage rent will be due soon. Also Mr. E. alerts me to another possible local source. -I notice the Israeli BCG appears to have extra mass at the rear, like the Daniel Defense model I mentioned the other day. Hmm. And besides Israeli. They do QC on their weapons like their very existence depends on it because it does.

    3461 Friday, Pearl Harbor Day, 7 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Gunwalker, and the ongoing destruction of the innocent.

    The other side just can't stand the idea of anyone doing anything without permission.

    In the news, unemployment rate drops - nooo I don't think so. The entire administration consists of pathological liars or spineless sycophants, we know they're cooking every book there is.

    F*** THE GOP. They're not even trying.

    DON'T GO TO COLLEGE. No free speech, no due process, no rule of law.

    "One has to imagine that he has no real understanding of the nearly 38,000 Americans who died to keep the North Koreans from enslaving his parents and grandparents six decades ago, or the willingness of the US to again put its young men and women into harm’s way to prevent it now." Talk about minds not working right.

    US troops massing near Syria? And today I saw a WSJ headline, "Terror Fight Shifts to Africa - U.S. Considers Seeking Congressional Backing for Operations Against Extremists". Butbutbut Obaaaaama's going to end the waaarrrrrrs and bring the troops hoooommmme!

    We used to hang thieves and child-rapists. These are evil monsters who should be put down on sight like any other rabid vermin. Instead their own victims pay for them with their taxes.

    In the news, New Jersey Second Amendment Society to read the Bill of Rights in public at 7:15am on the Day. And about 0720 the SWAT team will show up to taser them all.

    EuroReader M. sends graphic example. From three and a half years ago, yes, but does anyone think things have gotten better?

    I don't. Why do police want citizens unable to defend themselves? A reasonable person must reach the obvious conclusion - cops are murderous predators who see citizens as prey.

    Click and scroll for the visual aid.

    In Lighter News

    Free USPSA target downloads.

    Fixin' to spend a bunch of money tomorrow. Quite probably I should jump on that Israeli BCG, like I failed to do on the Palmetto for even less, but the bank account is shallow and I get Monday off and I need it to do laundry and I won't get paid 'til Tuesday.

    3462 Saturday, 8 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Yesterday I said the GOP wasn't even trying - and they haven't been. Look at the election, they weren't trying then either. What they could have done: "Dogs for Romney - I'm Not for Dinner!" And Benghazi and Gunwalker and Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and bowing to foreign dictators and entitlement scams and death panels and Solyndra and Government Motors' Chevy Volt Incendiary Device and "You Didn't Build That" and Libya and Syria and Yemen and Egypt and troops still in Afghanistan and forcing American citizens to buy something from the government and....

    A week ago, Gun Talk made mention of San Bernardino police putting citizens in a Catch-22, refusing to protect them and denying them the means to protect themselves. That's a theme among government; denying permission to repair damage done by a government tree, then citing citizens for failing to repair the damage they weren't allowed to repair under threat of armed robbery. How do any government employees, anywhere, live with themselves?

    In Lighter News

    Once in a while, the "public servants" are reminded that they are servants.

    Michael G. sends forgotten valor. Such men do still exist; the missions they are given are not worthy of them.

    The shooting sling.

    NNNOOOOOOOOOO the guy with the sack-o'-guts didn't bring them this month. O_o He'll have them at the OAC show next weekend. Instead, a second spare Garand firing pin, $8; four boxes of Federal XM193 at $6 each; and a miniature lens pen, like for cameras, $5. Almost bought a bunch more magazines in frustration. Did stop at Wholesale Sports on the way back for a box of Hornady #3037, $23.99 - which price has been slowly increasing. While there I noticed less Magpul product than last time, hm. BCGs are scarce everywhere - if they're not out yet, I'm'a order that Israeli from CDNN next paycheck. Buttstocks might also be difficult, to get a complete one with the tube and buffer and spring.

    I am reminded that .50 Browning uppers can be had for standard ARs. Some models are even repeaters.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    3463 Sunday, 9 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    I just finished watching the 13-episode miniseres, Saka no Ue no Kumo. The other day I was complaining about Japanese fatalism and crappy tactics, but in the TV show itself, as a production, I see something else: Pride in country. Unabashed nationalism. The kind of shows America used to make. Why don't we anymore?

    Here's part of the reason: '“Academic freedom” my ass. These educators are at war with freedom.'

    Obamacare is patterned after the British National Health System. Comment: "Arguments that the NHS is not what they think it is fall on deaf ears."

    It's not paranoia if Big Brother really is watching you drive.

    Elk County, PA, closes all bookstores and churches for the rest of the year. Oh wait.... How did we get in the position of begging a bureaucrat's permission to exercise a fundamental human right? Anyone who requires a permit or license, anyone who enforces any such "law", is irredeemably evil and deserves to die.

    Civil War... the last one was more cleanly divided along state lines. This one isn't geographically divided by anything, except the occasional county line. Our next-door neighbors will happily turn us in to the new Gestapo for more credit on their EBT cards.

    So train.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, featuring in the third hour a brief interview with the AutoZone employee fired for exercising RKBA. I'm in the "Boycott AutoZone" camp, me. Bigotry should be punished.

    While at Wholesale Sports yesterday, spending money I shouldn't have on rifle bullets, I saw a CMMG .22LR drop-in conversion for the AR, in a blister-pack on a retail shelf, for $180. Investigating - good reviews. Onto the li$t. Spare same-brand magazines right next to it - evidently three or four brands of such conversion have standardized their magazines, so aftermarket units are supposed to work. Midway, and presumably other sources, list 10-round units which are much shorter, and more conducive to prone practice, than the faux-STANAGs the conversion comes with.

    Speaking of yesterday, at the show I was told of a man making $27/hour for driving a water truck in the North Dakota oil fields. Just for driving a water tanker back and forth. Well, CDL required. But there's jobs in them-thar hills

    3464 Monday, 10 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    ICKY LAUNDROMAT PEOPLE. But if I can keep the cat from peeing on my stuff I won't have to go back for at least two weeks.

    It's a human right, and it's not about hunting deer or ducks.

    Jobs? Books cooked. And scroll down to the Insight section for the Quote o' the Day.

    Just the other day I linked to a horror story and it's coming true.

    In Lighter News

    EuroReader M. sends making homes from shipping containers.

    Not sure which side of the line this belongs - Michael G. sends: "It looks like the first new oil refinery in decades is going to be built on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation by the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. It's taken them years to get to this point, but they have gotten there unlike others apparently because they can play the race card against the eco-nazis. I don't know if the MHA chairman liked playing the race card, his quotes in the article didn't sound like a grievance monger." I finally chose Lighter because moar refining, but the convolutions required belong in Suckage.

    The numbers are too big; there can't not be life on other planets.

    Reason for hope in the upcoming civil war - Our Side is going to be better shots.

    Example: The shooting sling. Use it. There's more than one way, just as there's more than one sling. Really must get off my butt and do that M1907 video....

    Weber & Lindskold's Fire Season is considerably more readable than Weber-alone's usual verbosity... but it's replaced the excess with Teen Angsttm. 9_9 Anyway, for followers of the Honorverse, it's set shortly after First Contact with the Sphinxian Treecats and explores the beginning of their interaction with humans.

    3465 Tuesday, 11 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Prohibition will FAIL, but that doesn't stop the genocide-enablers from trying it anyway.

    And how many peaceable citizens will they murder in pursuit of their unattainable goal?

    Permits and licenses are prohibition too. Anyone who requires them, anyone who enforces that requirement, is the enemy of civilization, not its "guardian".

    Like I keep saying, the job doesn't make them monsters, the monsters apply for the job.

    Do what the government orders you to do at implied gunpoint, and they'll throw you in jail. And our motivation to remain "law-abiding" is...?

    It's not paranoia....

    Massive vote fraud....

    'If being forced to join a union and pay union dues against a citizen’s will constitutes the “soul” of Michigan, little wonder the place has been going to Hell.' But they call us violent and intolerant?

    I've said before, the eco-freaks won't be happy until we're all living in caves, wearing grass skirts, and dying of the common cold at age 40 AND I WAS RIGHT.

    In Lighter News

    Notable improvement in Illinois-of-all-places, with national implications.

    The February 2013 issue of Guns magazine is archived.

    $igh, expen$e$, cell phone airtime, fuel, groceries, internet bill, storage rent, car insurance, electric bill, and putting money aside for next month's hovel rent too. The paycheck, it evaporates. BUT:


    Just in time for Christmas I have acquired an AR15 lower receiver. Paid more than I wanted to for it, since it also came with the upper, but it was in private sale. Yes, blogging about it kind of defeats the purpose, but at least it's not in the government database. It's from Mega:

    Which have very good reviews on the Almighty Internets. Very ordinary A2 lower and A3 upper in configuration - I see some models have a tensioning screw to stablize the upper receiver relative to the lower, but these don't. Gator Grip in front, I've certainly no objection. Green - shrug. Maybe I'll give it a full set of Magpul furniture later, they offer two shades of green I think. Upper from Palmetto still "Processing", but their site warned of delays, especially on holiday specials, and they've taken my money. Sack-o'-guts, and maybe a buttstock, next weekend. Bolt carrier group and charging handle from the 'Nets, $oon (CTD had what appeared to be the same Israeli as CDNN, cheaper, but CTD's is out of stock, naturlich). I had thought of doing a build video, but there are much better ones on the 'Tubes already, particularly from Cheaper Than Dirt's channel.


    ...Still thinking about a Fancy Upper, since I have this upper, and the Intertubes illustrate how to assemble it, which appears to be simpler than I feared, but will require tool$. I'm still thinking about that 6x45mm barrel - what can I actually expect from terminal ballistics? Will it drop a PNW deer or a Wyoming pronghorn? But that's much further down the fiscal road. By which time we might be mounting bayonet charges for a can of beans. :(

    3466 Wednesday, 12 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    DowntownIck. Great big load, tired.

    And then Icky Library People. No one has manners anymore. I can see the colander-faces from here....

    One step forward, two steps back.

    In the news, a crackpot steals an AR and shoots up what was at one time the largest shopping mall in the country - which of course is a self-defense-free zone - and like clockwork, the prohibitionists dance in the blood of the victims and gleefully prepare to punish everyone who didn't do it. The libertarian zero-aggression principle is all well and good but how many times must we be kicked in the balls without hitting back?

    Unions... more like sturmabteilung. And they, too, will be disposed of at the end of their usefulness - but they're having too much perverted fun and raking in too much extorted loot to care.

    Speaking of organized thuggery, SMLE Fan has more on the monsters who apply for the job.

    If you're not stockpiling canned food and ammunition you're not paying attention.

    In Lighter News

    The shooting sling.

    PROHIBITION WILL FAIL and this technology, this idea, is about so very much more than simply "downloading a gun from the internet". Remember, these tools are in their infancy. Eventually you'll be able to print your own plumbing and spark plugs and smartphone.

    Sarah Hoyt's Darkship Renegades is in my hold queue, but apparently there's a third on the way, A Few Good Men. I recall being less excited by the first, Darkship Thieves, than the nethype led me to expect, but there are some meaningful libertarian thought exercises in there.

    Just when I think Part 28 of Aurora is ready to post, I make notes to myself for more polishing. I'm trying to not be too Randian.... Like David Drake said in the foreword to one of his pieces in Night & Demons, "Writing isn't easy if you care about the result."

    3467 Thursday, 13 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Indeed, progress in Illinois. But the prohibitionists and totalitarians will do anything to prevent decent people from defending themselves.

    Colander-faces.... -Just last night I watched The Dark Knight Rises on library disc. Did anyone else notice the similarity between Bane's army and the "99%" crowd? Seizing and redistributing and murdering anyone who tries to keep what they earned? And again the professional-sadists-with-badges tell their tax-employers to not fight back. "What are we paying for here?"

    Whatever happened to "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead"?

    We've already discussed Massive Vote Fraud, but let's not discount widespread propaganda and counterpropaganda.

    Michael G. sends totalitarianism. I keep telling you, they don't see us as human beings, only domestic animals to be herded and harvested. And they think they're forcing us to use this and not use that for our own good.

    They think they're heroes. As they prod us into the cattle cars. It's not paranoia when they're openly demanding the rest of us be rounded up and locked away.

    Recently I saw a headline to the effect of, "Will police and military fire on US citizens?" The police have been, but I believe the military, our military, won't - and it looks like someone else believes it too.

    In Lighter News


    Aaaaaand the Nounening.

    Yargh. Having not heard back from the local source Mr. E. suggested, and worrying about them going out of stock, blew $179.97, counting EvilMarketingPloyFlatRate $9.99 shipping, on the Israeli bolt carrier group and matching charging handle from CDNN.

    AR parts acquisition progress
    Lower receiverACQUIRED
    Barreled upper receiver"Processing"
    Bolt carrier groupORDERED
    Charging handleORDERED
    Lower parts kitEXPECTED
    Buttstock assemblyUNKNOWN
    Rear sightUNKNOWN
    Alternate optic sightPRE-EXISTING
    Magazines & ammunitionACQUIRED

    Hoping to get the buttstock when I get the LPK but not a sure thing. Rear sight - dunno. Maybe the same show but can't bet on it. Almost blew another $39.99 for an A2 carry handle at CDNN but re$trained my$elf. Hope to find something at the shows; worst case I have a low-end Simmons red-dot, probably meant for pistols, no magnification, distracting double image from internal reflection, but it works and it's big enough to visually acquire quickly.

    The precious eee-vill approaches, from a half-dozen directions. ("At last..." [snik] "...the Gathering.") BTW, Wholesale Sports had a Bushmaster(?) spares kit - springs, gas rings, etc. - for $30 retail, which seems pretty good when net-shopping. (Seems to contain most if not all of the spares recommended by the Elves of the Sunday chatroom.) Also action blocks, vise blocks, etc., for manageable prices and convenient availability, for completing the Fancy Upper $omeday.

    3468 Friday, 14 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    The kind of people who don't want us able to defend ourselves.

    '...[A]re there really people who openly identify themselves as "opponents of rights"?' YES THERE ARE.

    Obama will ennnnnnnd the warrrrrrrs and bring the troops hoooommmmmme OH WAIT. I told you, he doesn't want the troops here, where they can vote.

    The other day I compared unions to sturmabteilung and I meant it.

    "What I cannot understand is how any thinking person with a conscience could be a judge under such a system." The question contains its own answer....

    Related, I recently watched this video and was reminded why I don't watch that guy's videos anymore. Sure, he starts all right, promoting the Oath Keepers, but then he talks about "the 'Rambos' of the patriot movement who seem to be fantasizing about shooting it out with government agents who are going to come and kick in their doors and seize their guns. Are you guys really planning to aim your rifle at the chest of an American serviceman or police officer and pull the trigger?" YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I AM. Take your blinders off, Billy-Boy. Police and military are not the same, and one of them has already declared war on the other and on the American people.

    And again. One really has to wonder at the timing. The constructive criticism being: 'Mass shootings in this country overwhelmingly occur in so-called “gun-free zones”....' We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    This right here is why I do my Basic Firearms Tutorials. And youdamnbetcha I'll be doing one for Precious. Every citizen should know what the damn buttons and levers do. It really could be a matter of life and death. -I wonder if someone within practical travel distance has a Glock, Beretta 92, and/or SIG to loan? I should also add the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 to the list.

    And your other Sad o' the Day.

    In Lighter News

    The shooting sling. It took me a long time to get the Queen's M1907 adjusted "right". Now I leave it there. Marked with felt pen.

    Faaaarrrrmmmmms Iiiinnnnn SPAAAAAAAACE working on it.

    Mr. E. sends another local source for AR parts. Thanks! -Except now all my funds are allocated for the next two paychecks at least....

    Finished Fire Season, didn't suck, but it's a Young Adult book fer shure. Beginning John Scalzi's Redshirts, recommended on some gunblog or other moons ago.

    3469 Saturday, Bill of Rights Day, 15 December 2012:


    The World Sucks

    ...And ask yourself how much of it is left, among the blood-dancing.

    ("Other than ‘there was a school shooting’, everything I heard on the news yesterday turned out to be false.")

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work. It's time for something different.

    (I wrote about that very thing years ago....)

    It's not paranoia. They are out to get us. So prepare.

    In Lighter News

    After much polishing and I-don't-know-how-many-moons (okay about five), Aurora, Part 28, is finally online. I hope it doesn't suck.

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.


    Suddenly! in snailmail arrives the Israeli bolt carrier group and charging handle from CDNN. The former appears fresh from the Parkerizing vat, indeed perhaps in need of breaking-in. I do however note that the tail is short, without the extra mass seen on other carriers, which is supposed to soften extraction and ejection - shrug, they used a stock photo, now I have one. (I also notice the bolt is slightly magnetic.) The latter looks like... a charging handle, anodized aluminum. I can replace it with aftermarket later if necessary.

    AR parts acquisition progress
    Lower receiverACQUIRED
    Barreled upper receiver"Processing"
    Bolt carrier groupACQUIRED
    Charging handleACQUIRED
    Lower parts kitEXPECTED
    Buttstock assemblyUNKNOWN
    Rear sightUNKNOWN
    Alternate optic sightPRE-EXISTING
    Magazines & ammunitionACQUIRED

    Noted for future reference: CDNN doesn't muck about with the shipping. Alas, the Palmetto upper, into which these parts will go, is still "Processing". I'm'a phone 'em Monday Friday-ish, according to their site, "uppers and rifle kits may take up to 15 business days". Meanwhile, checking fit and function and field-stripping with the stripped upper I also have - okeydoke. And yeah, that's going in the Basic Firearms Disassembly video I'll be making later.

    3470 Sunday, 16 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Benghazi, uh huh.

    "How many of us are they willing to kill to achieve their avowed purpose? A hundred thousand? A million? Two? Ten?"

    All of us. In their own words.

    And THEY call US "nuts".

    And THEY call US "racist".


    In Lighter News

    There are a couple anniversaries on this date. One is the Battle of the Bulge.

    Another is uppity colonials.

    The shooting sling. Different kinds.


    AR parts acquisition progress
    Lower receiverACQUIRED
    Barreled upper receiver"Processing"
    Bolt carrier groupACQUIRED
    Charging handleACQUIRED
    Lower parts kitACQUIRED
    Buttstock assemblyACQUIRED
    Rear sightACQUIRED
    Alternate optic sightPRE-EXISTING
    Magazines & ammunitionACQUIRED

    Parts kit, sixty dollars. Complete buttstock, fifty dollars. A2 sight set, forty dollars. Call it $150 for the lower alone; $295 for the barreled upper shipped; $180 for the bolt carrier group and charging handle, shipped. Used STANAGs $10, M193-equivalent under $7/20 on sale, call it 60 rounds for two full magazines. Total build cost, round it up to $820-ish, spread over several months, shows, and vendors; $775 not counting magazines and rounds and future upgrades.


    And now I wait for the upper. There was considerable internal debate as to whether I should get a collapsible or fixed buttstock. On the gripping hand, this is the one the guy had, which I could afford, and I was told it was a GI-dimension tube (I'm given to understand some of the aftermarket carbine tubes aren't). The result, until I buy more parts, will closely resemble an issue M4, which will help with the Basic Firearms Tutorial I've already been scripting. As stated, won't bother with a build video as very fine ones already exist. I have no immediate use for the front sight (I was told the set came off a S&W model) but I was already thinking of future replacement of the GI gas block with a flattop to improve optics use, and the rear alone is worth what I paid.


    And now I have just enough cash left for gas money to get to work Tuesday morning (Monday off due to low projected numbers).

    Later that day:

    Yes, the buttstock wiggles on the tube, it's very likely temporary, there are dozens of replacements to choose from. Likewise the trigger, which leaves a great deal to be desired. Precious is almost finished. WOO

    Now I need a bayonet and A-Zooms and a SLED and a 5- or 10-round magazine for shooting prone in matches and another M1907-style sling and maybe one of those single-point tactical types meaning I'll have to remove the stock and replace that aft plate and that CMMG .22LR conversion and more magazines for that and a load-bearing vest with all those MOLLE bits and moar magazines and moar cartridges and dies and a shellplate and powder and primers and projectiles and.... Hmm, yes, the length-of-pull from hand to trigger is quite short, an aftermarket pistol grip will be high on the list. You're supposed to use the pad, not the second joint.

    3471 Monday, 17 December 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    And a big fat electric bill. I've been keeping up this year, but OTOH the rates are going up nationwide.

    Codrea counts the Quislings. As they multiply.... Tell me again what I'm getting for the $25 per quarter for five years I paid for a life membership in NRA?

    This right here is why I'm arming myself and making what preparations I can. They really are out to get me. They announce as much on national media. Jews would be fleeing across oceans under these conditions, but we have nowhere else to run to - everywhere is already worse.

    I keep telling you we've tried it their way and it doesn't work. Unfortunately, teachers as they exist today, unionized and indoctrinated, are incapable of grasping reality and openly hostile to anything which would really improve school safety; indeed are actively passing on their programming, to destroy our natural human right to self-defense.

    "That loss of freedom, seized from us under knowingly false pretense, will be a tragedy much larger than any we can imagine. And it will be one we will never be allowed to mourn."

    In Lighter News

    Some people are not insane.

    Another anniversary.

    Getting out the caliper and consulting the Almighty Internets, it appears Precious' buffer tube is of the 1.17" commercial diameter, as opposed to 1.15" military. Well, at least it's complete and I can replace that later too if necessary. Also, some of the aftermarket retractables are available in that diameter so it probably doesn't matter, I just have to know which. And now I do.

    I don't want the matching upper to go to waste. Perhaps I'll find another lower in private sale, juggle parts, make an M4-ish-carbine on that and a precision rifle on the Mega set. $omeday. But first I must finish one AR, at long last. -Net research, forums, and product reviews indicate I should not have headspace issues, putting a new bolt into a new barreled upper. The vendor I got the A2 sights from yesterday concurred, having built several.

    I've also been thinking of a brass catcher for reasons both economic and forensic. That one's twice or thrice the price of a couple I have on my Midway wish list though. With the parts I have now (I was sorta-kinda after an A2 carry handle, but the rear-sight-without leaves rail space open which is probably better) it would fit. But the budget is all budgeted for the next while.

    3472 Tuesday, 18 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Light snow this morning. Not sticking at my elevations, but still enough to panic the commiefornians. And every time there's a wreck, the cops show up to rob the victims at gunpoint....

    We are at war.

    It's not like we couldn't have seen this coming.

    The few, lonely voices of reason are being drowned out by calls for mass murder.

    "...[T]he goal here is not to solve the problem of school shootings, but to wage war against the Second Amendment."

    Grab what you can, while you can. I bought another 80 rounds of M193-equivalent on sale today (limit four boxes per customer) and I figure on going back tomorrow for more, by which time it will likely be gone. (Getting a little nervous about my PSA upper, still "Processing"....)

    Well that bloody well took long enough. In the Suckage because I expect LaPierre to do the Full Zumbo/Quisling in 3, 2, 1....

    Not-Funny-Anymore o' the Day: "When you keep the peace by executing dissidents, changing your mind later is discouraged." Stop giving them ideas.

    "If elected officials continue to act more like tyrants and less like leaders of a free republic, the very reason the Second Amendment exists is certainly something they should be concerned about."

    So prepare.

    In Lighter News

    Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire could use a little more help. And Our Side could use the result.

    It remains my firm belief, based on observed and documented behavior, that the only good cop is a dead cop. There are rare exceptions.

    And Oath Keepers step up. -Note, for the umptieth time, the disparity between the handful of hours of "training" the Only Ones Professional Enough receive, at taxpayer expense, vs. the wholly and dramatically inadequate days and weeks of training and thousands of rounds of practice us lowly peasants pay for with our own money.

    3473 Wednesday, 19 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Wednesdays are the heaviest, Mondays and Fridays the lightest, which is why I often work DowntownIck on Fridays and have Mondays off, combining the adjacent routes alternately with the other driver. No snow today, but rain. Sigh, "good training"....

    POOPING POOPITY POOP what a day. Moderate-heavy load, no problem there, but then came the on-demands all the way across town and back, and Shambling Wrecktm nearly devoid of fuel and I forgot my paycheck yesterday morning and I don't have time to go to the bank now if I want to get paid for making deadline on these deliveries. -And then one of them, the furthest out, I get there and they have no clue about any order going to that other place. So they call their boss, who's at lunch... and the boss' cell buzzes on the desk in front of the guy who's calling.


    (I still get paid for the trip though.) Then another on-demand to and from usual places, but there are two wrecks on I-5 going to the pickup and a third coming back down for the delivery so there I am crawling, crawling I say along the "free""way" staring at the fuel gauge - I'd already used my reserve can - and feeling hairs turn gray pingpingping every fifty meters or so. But the Wreck, she does sip her fuel, and I made it to the delivery and the bank and the gas station in that order.

    Finally, Bi-Mart, as expected, was Totally Sold Out of the sale M193-equivalent from yesterday - and just about all other .223 including the dollar-a-shot Hornady Match - and evidently of Ruger Mini-14s as well.

    Back late and pooped. Email deferred.

    What kind of creature doesn't want people able to defend themselves?

    Yeah we know what kind.

    Not to forget Project Gunwalker.

    Or Benghazi.

    This is what LaPierre should be saying. I'm expecting something very different.

    Burn the Schools, Chapter MMMCDLXXIII. It's not about education and it's not about safety.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    Remember, Only Police Should Have Guns!



    In Lighter News

    PLANETS. EVERYWHERE. How can we reach them?


    AR parts acquisition progress
    Lower receiverACQUIRED
    Barreled upper receiverSHIPPING
    Bolt carrier groupACQUIRED
    Charging handleACQUIRED
    Lower parts kitACQUIRED
    Buttstock assemblyACQUIRED
    Rear sightACQUIRED
    Alternate optic sightPRE-EXISTING
    Magazines & ammunitionACQUIRED

    Not in time for Christmas but close enough. A couple paychecks from now (darn pesky rent thingy) I'm'a place another Midway order. Gonna need me some dies....


    3474 Thursday, 20 December 2012:

    The World Sucks


    and Wiiiinnnnd

    But I get tomorrow off.

    War. Unsought, unwanted, thrust upon us by the enemy and not going away. If you can't march, send money. If you can't do that, at least help spread the word.

    The real word, not the enemy's endless lies.

    Prohibition. Because it worked SO WELL LAST TIME?

    If you love your children GET THEM OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. They're not safe.

    It bears repeating: "Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for innocent people. Period." And "...[W]hen nearly six hundred people get murdered a year in beautiful Gun Free Chicago, that’s not my people doing the shooting."

    I told you, our side wouldn't start the race war.

    In the news, some of the chains are unilaterally suspending sales of the most popular items in the Culture. (It is worth noting that Cheaper Than Dirt appears to have recanted, and Coloseum Software genuinely has.) I'm reminded of a line from the finale of the webseries Blood and Chrome: "Do you think, because you're more enlightened than the rest of your species, we hate you any less?" Appeasement doesn't work. Appeasement is weakness. This is WAR.

    And what is LaPierre going to give us at his GreatBigPressConference tomorrow?

    Just the other day one of us was wondering "how any thinking person with a conscience could be a judge under such a system." Cops and judges are a lot alike; they seek their respective positions because they like to hurt people. The difference appears to be retail vs. wholesale. Rape isn't about sex, it's about power. Cops and judges and their variously-related kind are about power.

    "These people should be arrested, not obeyed!" But the only people with the "authority" to make the arrests are the same kind of people.

    In Lighter News

    Looky - I like guns. And I like nekkid wimmin. But NOT AT THE SAME TIME. They belong in DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE BRAIN.

    Okey, what's the least expensive way to improve an AR15's trigger? Sure, I could save up more and blow a couple hundred on a Timney or McCormick but the way this country's going my money problems are only going to get worse in the forseeable future. Anyway the trigger that came in the parts kit is Bad. I mean almost SKS-Bad.

    Meanwhile UPS sez my upper has crossed a whole time zone! SOON

    3475 Friday, Winter Solstice, 21 December 2012: ZZZ

    Extra Content Ahead!

    The World Sucks

    Here it comes... and that was better than expected, which is not to say it was good. The backhanded swipes at the First Amendment through condemnation of video games and TV shows do offend this libertarian; and the call for Only Ones ('The NRA position is that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” It hasn’t said much about who the bad guys and who the good guys are. King George and Lord Germain undoubtedly had different ideas from those of Samuel Adams and George Washington.') to corral and herd children into what will rapidly become concentration camps just won't do. (And yes I'm still ticked at Newt's unfulfilled promise to abolish the Department of Education. I demand separation of School and State just as they demand it of Church.) Still, to LaPierre's credit, I detected no hint of appeasement, no Zumbo Moment, no throwing me and Precious under the bus. As expected, there were protestors; I wouldn't have been surprised if the unhinged bigots tried to assassinate him for something he didn't do and is trying to help prevent.

    THERE WILL BE WAR. And we're not the ones starting it. Police and military are not the same. Police sent door-to-door to confiscate Constitutionally-guaranteed property from peaceable citizens will be killed in self-defense. Troops ordered to do so will mutiny. Foreign troops? Target practice. WE. WILL. NOT. DISARM.

    KABA needs money:
    Dear Friend of KeepAndBearArms.com:
    Our website is experiencing a critical cash flow problem RIGHT NOW.
    We have so many urgent needs at the moment. In particular getting caught up on bills owed by the end of the year.
    We are also trying to expand the number of gun owners that visit our site before Barack Obama and next year's Congress and many state legislatures go into session and push new anti-gun laws. To do so requires us to place banner ads on other sites and ads in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
    We plan on hitting the ground running in 2013 with more news, information, investigative journalism and grassroots action projects to expose and defeat the enemies of freedom.
    Help us send a loud and clear message to the Obama Administration, Brady Center, Million Mom March, Violence Policy Center, and the entire anti-gun rights movement.
    BUT, at this time, we need funds. SO, if you can make a year end contribution RIGHT NOW, it will help us immensely. We still need to raise $8,990.00 from generous donors to meet obligations by year end.

    And I, even I, just sent them some. -I actually don't use KABA, though I still link them from my front page. But I am aware they are a powerful coordinator and clearinghouse of information for the Cause.

    Speaking of, Michael G. sends a petition, FWIW. That "redress of grievances" thingy seems to have expired....

    Michael G. also sends some thoughts, from a mental-health professional, on underlying causes:

  • Too often diagnostic labels are given to children and then children are allowed to use them to excuse inappropriate behaviors or parents use them to abdicate responsibility. This is usually done unconsciously. Society allows this and perpetrates this.
  • Now, why do they engage in these behaviors? Well, all behaviors have a pay off. If they weren't effective in getting a need met, people wouldn't do it. Identifying what is the pay off and addressing that is the best way for people to approach maladaptive behavior.
  • On another note, an 11 year old took a gun to school today in Utah. [I saw a media reference to that somewhere but after much other typing I've run out of steam to track it down.] He is facing 3 felony charges. He said he took the gun to feel safe. In light of what happened in Connecticut, I get it. The officials apparently didn't. This kid is responding to the message that schools aren't safe and he has to take care of himself. His behavior with the gun at school was a reaction to a perceived threat. I believe the officials had a knee-jerk reaction. This kid needs to have some counseling and reassurance and schools need to be a safe place for our kids no matter what the cost in time, effort and taxes.

    I can see potential areas of disagreement, particularly the idea that government should run the schools and taxes should fund them, but obviously, at present, we're doing it wrong.

    "I do hope they have fired the morons that were doing background checks and issuing denials just because it was easier than using their brains." I'd bet they were promoted for using initiative, or given a tax-funded bonus for every peasant they screwed. The whole idea of begging a bureaucrat's permission to exercise a fundamental human right is wrong.

    It's not just the Second Amendment they want out of their way.

    "...[A] society where you are a social problem and there are highly paid experts working day and night to figure out how to solve you."

    In Lighter News

    Marine Jon Hammar is being released! No thanks to the United States Government he served....

    EuroReader M. sends So... Much... FAIL....

    Reader sends:

    Once upon a time the government bought large amounts of .22 LR FMJ. These pictures are from a batch made during the Second World War, by Remington, using the "U" for UMC headstamp. They were intended for use with suppressed weapons by the OSS and other special operations units. The FMJ bullet was for compliance with the Hague Convention treaty; it is also known that a .22 LR bullet with a copper washed mild steel jacket will penetrate 24"+ in 10% ballistic gelatin without yawing or deviating, possibly improving lethality, is apparently more apt to break bone than an unjacketed soft lead bullet, again possibly improving lethality, and also penetrates six or seven 7/8" soft pine planks, equivalent to .45 ACP FMJ, giving it unexpected performance against light cover. And if you've ever been shooting a .22 LR semiauto pistol, and had a feedway stoppage where the nose of the bullet went a bit low and hit the bottom of the feedramp and stuck to it, leaving an equivalent flattened place on the point of the bullet, it seems at least plausible to me that a true FMJ bullet would probably have slid up the feedramp instead, improving reliability also.

    Once upon a time, I have read, until around 1970, surplus .22 LR FMJ was readily available at sporting goods stores. The government sold it off by the trainload every few years through the CMP and even, once upon a time, before GCA68, back when practicing marksmanship was regarded as patriotic instead of sinister, gave it away to local Boy Scout troops for their rifle teams to practice with. The government is still buying it, and it even has a DODIC code for it now, because 70 years after World War II the SpecOps guys still use suppressed .22s because nothing handier and more useful has been invented yet for certain kinds of jobs they do, though these days it's usually an integrally suppressed stainless Ruger Mk 2 rather than a Colt Woodsman with a threaded muzzle and a Maxim can. It is uncertain whether we will see it sold off as surplus again, due to some executive orders Clinton signed saying the ammunition must be "destroyed" instead. Then again, Talon Manufacturing was permitted to "destroy" surplus centerfire rifle ammunition by disassembling and reassembling it, so we'll see.


    Again speaking of .22 LR, I have read of a couple of incidents of self-defense by someone of limited physical means against a much larger, stronger, aggressive assailant, which you and your readers might find enlightening to ponder.

    One was written up some years ago by, er, Massad Ayoob, in one of the gun rags. In the mid 90s, an eight-year-old boy was the sole survivor of a massacre by the crazed ex-boyfriend of his newly remarried mother. The assailant weighed over 250 pounds, was wearing body armor and armed with some kind of pistol-caliber SMG and amped up on speed, and had killed the mother, the new husband, and another child who was present in the house. The boy demonstrated amazing coolness under fire, tactical savvy, and marksmanship. He told the police when they arrived--after everyone was already dead, of course--that he got his father's Ruger Single Six .22 LR plinking pistol and loaded it while the madman was shooting up the house. Then he waited behind a couch for the gunman to pass, and, fearing for his own life, shot the gunman four times neatly behind the ear from just past powder burn distance. No "hey turn around and we'll draw on the count of three" or "let's fight with our fists like men" Hollywood heroics, no pretense of a "fair fight." Just POP POP POP POP in the back of the head. The DA declined to press charges against the boy, citing it as a clear instance of self-defense.

    Another was related on a forum I was reading recently. In the suburbs of a certain East Coast metropolitan area, an eleven-year-old girl was home alone when she heard breaking glass. She loaded a .22 semiauto rifle first, then called 911 on a cell phone from her bedroom. The person--apparently a drug-addicted habitual burglar with numerous prior convictions--heard her talking to the police and kicked down her bedroom door brandishing a large kitchen knife. When they measured the distance later, they concluded that he was less than six feet away when she shot him six or seven times through the chest, hitting him twice in the heart and three times in the lungs. He fell down immediately and bled profusely all over the new carpeting, and was quite dead when the cops and paramedics got there, much later. The coroner commented at some length on the surprising amount of damage the bullets did to lung tissue.

    The lessons I draw from these accounts are that coolness and clear thinking under fire, and good bullet placement, trump just about everything else in instances of self-defense. Well, and also, if these two kids hadn't had something available to fight back with, they'd have died. They cheated, and they won.

    (The prohibitionists and totalitarians would prefer DEAD CHILDREN.) SMLE Fan was exhorting us to grab more .22LR on principle just a couple weeks ago. And I will get that conver$ion for Precious. Not least for training Like-Minded Individuals. Because: "[W]hereas, to preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them; nor does it follow from this, that all promiscuously must go into actual service on every occasion. The mind that aims at a select militia, must be influenced by a truly anti-republican principle; and when we see many men disposed to practice upon it, whenever they can prevail, no wonder true republicans are for carefully guarding against it." --Federal Farmer, Antifederalist Letter, No. 18, 1787

    In backed-up email, a reader responds to questions of hunting with the 5.56x45mm, recommending the Sierra 65gr GameKing, and the Barnes 62 and 70gr solid copper hollowpoints; also the Winchester 64gr PowerPoint and 60gr No$ler Partition, the last available in Federal factory loads. $CIENCE, $omeday, not least to determine which will feed in a magazine (Mr. E. already confirms the Sierra 77gr MatchKing will, which is also inferred from the cannelure pictured on the Sierra poster).

    Michael G. posted my trigger question to Mike's Madhouse on Baen's Bar, and one of the responses was an item I already had in my Wish List. Noted!

    Another time zone crossed SQUEEE. According to the tracker, early this morning it was somewhere near Tam, and at last update was in Mordor Illinois. -And yes I do consider myself smart for grabbing my AR, eight magazines, and several hundred rounds of ammunition before this latest drought. SOON

    Speaking of, the vendor at the last show, where I scored the lower parts kit and buttstock (the A2 sight set was from the next aisle), was so happy about me blowing so much money at his table he threw in a charger guide when I asked if he had any. For the record, I have just now confirmed that the STANAG charger guide does work on the Magpul PMAG. Besides the retail boxes and already-loaded magazines, I have one five-pocket bandolier (I believe the British one referenced in comments (I would really like to get some more of those)) containing 200 rounds (four 10-round per pocket) of repacked XM193, on chargers, with the guide alongside in one of the end pockets. I'll be getting more guides, and chargers, as I find them, on principle. Years ago I made a couple bandoliers, with needle and thread and snaps from the fabric store, back when I wasn't figuring on ever being able to afford anything but a Mosin. Checking - nope, they'll hold a Garand enbloc or a pair or trio of Mosin/Mauser/Springfield, but not a STANAG-10, not and snap closed. Noted for next time. But, the ancient bandolier the infamous 7.92x57mm TurKrap came in will accept two chargers per pocket, though snugly, and not three.

    Aaaaaand after getting a cross-town on-demand for which I get paid this afternoon, I stopped at Bi-Mart again to see if they'd restocked the sale .223. They hadn't, but they did have some PMC XP193 for $7.99/20 and I panic-bought (some people eat when they're stressed... okay so do I) the per-customer limit of ten. (And so did the guy next to me. And I expect any they had left is gone by the time I typed this.) At the same time, two other customers were each buying Takedown 10/22s, another a Millet 1x red-dot, and another - a suspected Fudd schocked out of complacency IMO - a bunch of stuff I think he didn't quite know what he was getting.

    I see from Magpul's e-newsletter that they're offering a 10-round magazine soon. I'll probably get a pair eventually for matches (presuming we ever go back to shooting paper...). Still looking for a hunting 5, just on principle, way down the priority list (presuming we ever go back to where hunting regulations matter...). The ones I've seen on Midway have poor reviews.

    3476 Saturday, 22 December 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    More criticism of LaPierre's speech. I want all the Bill of Rights, all the time. I'm not willing to sacrifice any of them for any other.

    "Who makes that call?" Seriously.

    OTOH, "Politicians have not given 2 craps about your kid’s life since the introduction of the Gun Free Schools program."

    "...Freedom of Speech is only for liberals and anyone else gets a visit from the FBI."

    "Over the years I have asked a few of the many policemen I have shot with at various matches what their worst fears were and many of them have said that it was 'a rifleman that knows what he is doing'." Do any of those Officer Jackboots ever stop to think that maybe they're on the wrong side?

    That maybe you deserve to be in a rifle's sights?

    They think they're heroes. As they call for genocide and foment civil war.

    Blue has the Visual Aids o' the Day.

    Looky - I'm not religious. I don't even consider myself Christian. But this stuff is going too far. When, in my delivery rounds, someone wishes me "Merry Christmas", I say it right back and out loud.

    Colorado: Boycott Jax Mercantile.

    In Lighter News

    Moar Prohibition FAIL. I repeat, this technology, this concept, is about so much more than weapons.

    This is how I would rather have it be.

    Upcoming books - David Drake will be releasing a new piece of the Raj Whitehall universe, The Heretic, with a new coauthor I haven't heard of. (Hope Reborn appears to be an omnibus reprint of the original General series with Stirling.) Two more in Weber's Honorverse, House of Steel, consisting of Supplemental Materialtm, and Beginnings: Worlds of Honor 6. Ringo: Under a Graveyard Sky, which I believe is the anticipated collaboration with Correia.

    Still contemplating gear, like a LBE vest. Saw one at an arms shop Thursday, $45, Flat Dark Earth - the usual layout, three dual rifle magazine pouches lower right, pistol holster lower left, pistol magazines above, large pouch top right, non-slip patches at shoulders for a buttplate, including a rib. And that's the lowest price I've seen on one, retail (though I'm thinking I want green, to match Precious' lower (meaning I'll also be spending more money on aftermarket furniture)). Natchez' latest email alert shows one for even less, but then there's shipping costs, and it's black and I'm not a kitten-stomping puppy-shooter, and it's out of stock anyway.

    Handloading... can wait a while too. I probably won't bother with bulk reloading, unless the Drought worsens; I'll make precision rounds instead. But I'll get retooled for it on principle, and I'll be saving brass naturally.

    3477 Sunday, 23 December 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks


    First bug of the season BLARG. Should be okay by morning though.

    More analysis of LaPierre's speech. I am not seeing any peaceful way out of this. Thugs will come to steal our property and kidnap us for crimes we haven't committed, and we'll have to kill them in self-defense.


    "I know it will be like prohibition with murderous gangs run by people worse than Al Capone. But we should do it anyway."

    "[T]he psychological distancing which makes them enemies is complete...."

    It bears repeating: "Fight back! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back! The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you. Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, fight back!" - John Dean "Jeff" Cooper, LCOL USMC (ret), November 1993

    We've tried it their way and it doesn't work.

    Your Oh-$#!% o' the Day:

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    One of the chatroom Elves sends ammunition price tracker. This link is for 5.56mm. I do want some 62gr, since that's what Precious' approaching barrel is designed for, but now I'm broke again after panic-buying a bunch of 55gr.

    Michael G. sends some truly Lighter News: Ethiopian kids teach themselves literacy. -This has elements in common with my concept of education in my fictional utopia - we don't need government schools, we don't need compulsory education funded with taxes collected at implied gunpoint. It is possible right now to get a used computer of some kind for a day's, or even a few hours', wages (at least First World wages), often much less. Even applications written a decade ago are capable of teaching language, math, and other basic skills. Humanity will figure it out. Without jackbooted thugs ramming it down their throats.

    Humanity is approaching the Post-Government Era. I might be willing to entertain arguments, as I've pondered in these pages before, that government is necessary to reach certain levels of development like internet, indoor plumbing, and orbital access, but those Ethiopian kids just put a big dent in the argument. I believe a point can be reached where government becomes obsolete. Fabbers, of which 3D printers are the mere embryos, will be a big part of that. Cheap energy, of whatever form actually works, will be a very big part.

    3478 Monday, Christmas Eve, 24 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to steal your stuff and turn you into a "criminal" despite harming no one.

    Speaking of tinfoil, 'What better way to put a major crimp in the gun buying community than to "take down" the NICS check for a bit?' Buy private. No, you can't always get what you want. But you can get what you need. -And then you can take G36s and such off dead thugs. Your taxes paid for them....

    Besides, the stores are empty.

    "When you ban guns, an otherwise crime free nation descend[s] to into violent barbarism."

    "Seeing you dead is merely a bonus, one that they will gladly accept."


    Another criticism of LaPierre's proposals - one which I made immediately after reading the transcript of his speech. All the Bill of Rights, all the time.

    Georgia: Boycott Tucker Gun. The word is Quisling.

    In Lighter News

    Looks like UPS is taking the whole holiday off, Precious' upper hasn't moved since Friday. :(

    The Basic Firearms Tutorial for the AR is scripted, but I want some proper dummy rounds. The local stores' display of A-Zooms are out of that size, I may have to order some.

    3479 Tuesday, Christmas Day, 25 December 2012: Merry Christmas.

    The World Sucks


    I'm getting really tired of violently insane bigots calling me insane.

    In Lighter News

    Reader sends another vest. Description sounds good.... Must rebuild finances first.

    3480 Wednesday, 26 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    FFFUUUU. Overloaded and scrambling all across town bah. Still, I only missed deadline by three minutes because I am teh awsumm. Tomorrow's supposed to suck more though.

    Gunwalker, under the rug.

    Still more analysis of LaPierre's proposals. Not just me whose hand twitches for a weapon at the thought of more police in schools. Glad I don't have kids.... And his national database of "mentally ill" just won't do either. Who defines?

    Where are the alleged "good" cops taking down the monsters? Oh yeah there aren't any.

    They hate your children and want them to die. "Can anything reek more of evil tyranny than laws intended solely to require citizens to be more easily killed by the government?"

    They want war. They want it real bad.

    Even MSM is starting to notice the hypocrisy. -Doesn't seem to stop them calling for more of it though. And of course, "It’s OK to break the law so long as it’s propaganda for the administration."

    In Lighter News

    This guy used to be one of the Sunday Chatroom Elves, and has been a guest on the show a few times.

    Anyone else getting tired of not hitting back? We want to be left alone. They want war. And aren't these the same people who always tell us to "just give them what they want"?


    Now there's something you don't see every day.

    [In the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader] "You don't know the power of the Internet!"

    3481 Thursday, 27 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Petze the Linux laptop crashed real hard, cause unknown. Fortunately I'd already got what I needed out of it, route maps for the day. But now, after work which was bloody awfully overloaded with ExtraDowntownIck, I have to go back to the hovel, email the report from there, grab my USB drive which I'd got out of the habit of carrying, go back to the library, use one of their machines to download a new Linux install package, and attempt to re-OS Petze. Nothing irreplaceable was there, I flush it to AwesomeBox after each day and the crash happened before today's harvest, but damned annoying. And... to make a bootable USB device requires a separate installer application which the library computer won't allow to run. So I have to take the USB back to the hovel, copy it to AwesomeBox and use it to nuke my USB drive into Linux-install-y oblivion. Once that's done I launch Petze, access CMOS, tell it to boot from USB, and... FFFUUUUUUU. There is an alternative sure woulda been nice to know that before I ran out of steam after hiking five or six kilometers through IckyDowntown, with a pack and lingering (PHLEGMsplat) effects from the weekend's illness. So tomorrow after work I fiddle again, 'cause there's no way I'm downloading 700Mb of .ISO on Cricket and I'm taking what's left of my shoes off and not driving any-bloody-where else tonight.

    Meaning I have to work without Petze tomorrow. Fortunately it's projected to be nearer "normal" and if I'm not having to cover for another driver or three, I'm familiar enough with my own route to not need webmaps.

    Like the background image says:

    F M L

    And Precious' upper is still on a truck and UPS' site won't tell me where. The last update shows it departing Illinois on Friday.

    "It's not xxxxxxxx when we do it." Add that to the list of things I'm getting damn tired of.

    "It's not xxxxxxxx when WE do it."

    They hate freedom and want it destroyed.

    More Quislings....

    More and more people are realizing that there is no such thing as a good cop.

    In the latest installment of my story, I had the protagonist say, "The last of the productive class was effectively enslaved to prop up the non-workers, whose 'votes' kept the regime in power." I'M NOT $%^&ING KIDDING.

    I haven't had a SINK THE ISLAND for a while.

    Facebook bans Gandhi: 'The very IDEA of a free people overcoming tyrannical government rule now "violates community guidelines."' -I bet FB was just bursting with Libyans overthrowing Qadaffi, the same Libyans who later murdered our Ambassador. I bet FB still hosts lots of pages bemoaning the "zioinst occupation" of the baby-murdering bus-bombing civilization-destroying Palestinians. -Any of my readers do that FaceBlogTwitBook thing? Let's see what happens if you post the Declaration or the Bill or the Causes.

    Ever been in a car wreck? Like spinning on black ice? You know that feeling you get when you know you can't stop and you know you're going to hit something? Yeah. Like that.

    You know what I'd like to see? A short little PSA - "Let's say this bar-" *bloomp* "-represents all the crimes - I mean crimes of violence, hurting or robbing someone, not 'oh that's too big' or 'ohh that's too short' or 'ohhh that holds too many booolits' - committed with firearms in the United States. While this bar-" *BLOOMP* "-represents all the firearms in the United States. ...And some TV bigot is telling me I lack perspective?"

    In Lighter News


    WRSA reminds us of The Queen. I have mine, thanks to the astounding generosity of Tucson Tom. Awesome weapon.

    (If you can't afford a Garand, consider a Mosin. Approximately the same power, and in my experience, comparable accuracy. Bulk ammunition for the Mosin is still available too, as is reloadable - so many Mosins were imported, it made economic sense for Winchester to wrap one of their White Boxes around some. Reminders: Garand tutorial - Mosin tutorial. Neither is mysteeerrrious.)

    A reader has sent a ginormous pile of .PDFs to add to the archive. This might take some time to process, and there might be even more on the way. Thank you!

    BUT WAIT - I still have the .ISO for Ubuntu 11.10 on AwesomeBox! Which is how Petze became operational in the first place. Nuking the USB again, and... it boots from USB. Okay, Install to Hard Disk oh hey it offers a chance to save my 12.04 install nope "errors". Okay, reboot, just wipe it no now it locks up. Okay, reboot, use Advanced Partition Tool, nuke the partitions first- no evident effect. Okay just tell it to go and... it's... going... well I can't tell 'cause there's no unsecured wireless signals in range of the hovel and the ones I do know of aren't showing up, but they never have on Petze because glitch I dunno. But I think I have a functioning wireless laptop for work tomorrow and I can wipe it all over again for 12.04 tomorrow. WHEW

    And that's why email is backed up.

    AND NOW I'M OUT OF CHOCOLATE oh no I'm not, I found the Tootsie Roll Midgees in the bulk bins at the supermarket a while back. Those gummy Orange Slices too, you know with the granular sugar all over them? Yeaaaahhhh.

    3482 Friday, 28 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Well that was a full day.

    About 0510, get up, shower, dress, check email, forward video links to webmail for later capture via Petze. Drive 20-odd miles in the dark. A normal load in my normal area, done at a normal time, though I was pushing because I also checked the UPS tracking before I left and it was "Out for delivery" gyaahh do not want to go hunt this down in some facility. As my route was nearing completion, however, I get a call for an on-demand. Grab the pickup, make my last four regular stops, make the delivery which was in the direction of the hovel, race back to said hovel and as I make the final turn there's the big brown truck a couple blocks away oh crap. Park, grab ID, accost the UPS driver YESSSS my Precious!

    Change out of the Nice Shirt I Wear to Not Freak Out the Customers Too Much. Put some chicken on the stove. Hike down to the convenience store for lottery tickets. And as I return, the chicken not yet beginning to sizzle, another call for five six more deliveries way down south in West Linn and Redland NNOOOO my Preciouusss! But I'm'a need that money.

    Finally back about 1430, type and send the report, eat some damn chicken dammit, and then I get the idea to do an Unboxing video. Which you'll see eventually.


    Project Gunwalker. They sure are trying to tell that lie often enough.


    The "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil. Chapter MMMCDLXXXII.

    It's not paranoia. So prepare.

    In Lighter News

    I often say there is no such thing as a good cop, and I've found it to be generally true. This one may indeed still be an evil prohibitionist (but I repeat...) of some kind, but he at least admits losing one War On Objects.

    Now there's something you don't see every day.

    How timely!






    This is an official broadcast of the Squee Alert System. Stand by for important information.



    This has been an official broadcast of the Squee Alert System. Stay tuned for further information as it becomes available.




    Further information such as, the retractable stock grabs my facial hair that will require prompt attention. I thought I had a GI carry strap yes I do, actually the green nylon the Queen came with from Tucson Tom and CMP installed and adjusted for Hasty. Any sling is better than none at all, though it will likely be removed for racing which is not fighting.


    And furthermore:

    And my favorite so far:

    3483 Saturday, 29 December 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

    Michael G. sends the Militia. That means us. -Which I have also pondered. (From the second page: "The Department of Homeland Security has existed for only a few years but it already has been partly transformed into an organized-crime syndicate. According to a federal report, in 2011 alone more than 300 DHS employees and contractors were charged with crimes ranging from smuggling drugs and child pornography to selling sensitive intelligence to drug cartels. That’s not a few bad apples — that’s an arrest every weekday and many weekends." As I have also said, "There are more good people than bad, but once you allow police to exist, there are inevitably more bad cops than good.")

    Jeff by-God Cooper. Years gone and still teaching.

    In Lighter News

    Some people are not insane.

    Several new subscribers over the past week. My disassembly videos are particularly popular, with the GP100 approaching 7,000 views and the Remington Model 11 already over. :D

    Speaking of YouTube, for some reason, after more than a year and about 10,000 views, they removed the Rammstein Eisenmann music video I made with EvilWoman and her daughter. The 80Mb raw file is available here.


    Fiddling. Learning. Contemplating upgrades. Trigger will be first, followed by the pistol grip; the A2 finger-bump annoys, and I want more fore-and-aft length to improve finger placement. Other upgrades later - besides which if I go to a fixed stock I'll need a buffer, tube, and spring.

    3484 Sunday, 30 December 2012: ZZZ

    The World Sucks

    Question o' the Decade: "Since when did self defense become morally wrong?"

    Remember Benghazi? Nobody wants you to.

    "What? The peasants aren't paying enough taxes? Release the rapists! But the potheads and gun nuts who never hurt anybody, keep them in a cage!"

    I keep telling you, they hate us and want us to die. They are going to make us kill them in self-defense. That will be the only way to stop them.

    There is no more rule of law. It's decrees and thugs-in-uniform and "absolute Tyranny".

    Prediction, because That's How My World Works and seriously we've left "Happenstance" far behind, boosted right through "Coincidence" and are deep into "Enemy Action": Mass shooting in Times Square at New Year's. With "assault weapons", which are illegal in New York. Possessed by a Prohibited Person, which is also illegal. In, no doubt, a Gun Free Zone, which is even more illegaler. As they did a couple months ago, the NYPD will hose rounds everywhere, boosting the body count, which the collaborationist media (search YouTube for "sandy hook evidence adjusting"...) will suppress. And then, the shooter or shooters will be dead at the end, so they can't answer questions....

    In the most recent installment of my story the protagonist said, "...[O]ur mother-nation, the United States of America, had reached a point where more than half of all government spending was in entitlements, where there were more people living off other people's work than there were working for a living...." Tucson Tom sends supporting evidence.

    Consequences Unintended. But instead of stopping they go faster, dragging decent people down with them. Talk about death spirals....

    Now is the time to evactuate to the Red States. Unfortunately most of us are too busy working for a living, to pay taxes, to prop up the parasites....

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

    Finished Scalzi's Redshirts, amusing. Beginning 1635: The Papal Stakes.

    Meh, electrical tape around the retractable buttstock to prevent it from grabbing my facial hair. A temporary solution, but a solution; now I can use the weapon if I need to, without instant flinches. Naturally this makes the stock quasi-fixed, but OTOH it somewhat reduces wiggle and noise.

    Speaking of noise, the green nylon sling from the Queen has that clip on one end. Replacing it with a black nylon, I think the GI M16 strap, which I got at a show years ago; again adjusted for Hasty. -I notice the front swivel makes a lot less noise now, with the nylon strap to cushion it on each end of its swing. (Oh yeah, you haven't seen the unboxing video yet. It's processed, hopefully uploaded tomorrow but maybe not 'til Wednesday.)

    And another thing - when using the Hasty Sling, the 30-round magazine touches my forearm, tending to cant the weapon to port, but this counters the tendency of the Hasty to cant the weapon starboard. Hmm.

    I'm figuring on a Proper Sit-Down Science-y Bench Session, which may take weeks or even months to prepare; I intend to get a replacement trigger first, although dry-firing may be starting to make an improvement on what came in the parts kit.

    Aaand continuing to polish the Basic Firearms Tutorial script as I learn more.


    3485 Monday, New Year's Eve, 31 December 2012:

    The World Sucks

    If Barack Hussein Obama wasn't actively trying to destroy America, what would he be doing different?

    And his little dog too.

    Should David Gregory go to jail? If we should, he should, and if he shouldn't, everyone else jailed under the same "law" should be immediately released and compensated and their kidnappers jailed in their places. But "laws" are only for the little people....

    "They... were asked afterwards to come register themselves and their weapons: where they were promptly shot."

    So Hillary has a blood clot now. Total fabrication to avoid embarrassing questions about that Benghazi thingy, or Vince Foster Syndrome in slow motion? Or maybe both at the same time.

    Man, it's still sinking in how lucky I was accumulating or ordering Precious' pieces when I did. Just under the wire. I'm reading reports of arms shops calling their customers asking if they have anything they're willing to sell. Anything that goes "bang" and everything to do with an AR is worth its weight in silver right now. Stopped at Bi-Mart today - no Small Rifle primers and few of any other kind, no .223 or 5.56 of any kind at all, even the powder shelf ¾ empty. Comes now word from CDNN about a 5-8-day delay in shipping and begging customers to stop asking. Fortunately I have no active orders with them, the Israeli BCG and charging handle arrived Most Promptly and shortly before the current Panic (which Codrea has examined).

    JPFO is not hopeful.

    How screwed are we? Billions and trillions of ways.

    If cops are ordered to confiscate weapons from people who have harmed no one, there will be dead cops coast-to-coast, or the biggest epidemic of Blue Flu in history. If troops are ordered in their place, rivers of blood will flow - and those giving the orders have no clue whose blood it will actually be.

    We are at war.

    In Lighter News

    I heard about this report in news breaks during the show yesterday: "More guns, less crime, everywhere it’s tried."

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