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3121 Sunday, New Year's Day, 1 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Emailed a driver/delivery job on craigslist, brochures and such to hotels on a route. Sounds like something I can stomach, shouldn't be any encounters with uniformed rapists....

Happy New Year, we're at war.

A partial response to Michael G.'s question the other day.

Still gaming the system in Seattle. Some of the servants are being put back in their place, and don't like it there.

Related, Michael G. sends SCOTUS getting out of their place. You know, those Founders, they thought of this....

And Oleg Volk has lived the alternative. The "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.

Dr. Pournelle's latest meshes with a question I've asked here a few times: Does a society need a Big Government to achieve big things? Like Apollo or the Panama Canal? And then the other end of the stick: "If you’re so bright, why do so many of your grand social-engineering schemes end in corruption and tears?" I reject the notion that there are things only government can do. If only government can do a thing, that thing is going to be rammed down the throats of the people against their will. If only government can do a thing, that thing probably should not be done.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Holiday rerun.


3122 Monday, 2 January 2012:

The World Sucks


Blood-dancing and cattle-car-loading (ref) in Washington state.

Arms shops asked to report "suspicious" or "terroristic" activity. Report it to whom?

The "laws" are wrong. Anyone who enforces or supports these "laws" is evil. These sadistic fascists deserve- no, I'm still not quite typing that out loud. Use your imagination.


Yeah we know who: "...[H]e faces no charges and no internal investigation." "Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops."

Reader sends, Our Tax Dollars At Work, Chapter MMMCXXII. This is a systematic looting of the American economy, robbery of the American people on an industrial scale. The looters already have their Austrian villas picked out, I'm sure. And thirty years from now our grandchildren will be hunting them down. Which is the best case at the current rate - it presumes we'll have grandchildren who aren't slaves, it presumes there will be some place to extradite them to.

I ended up with an NRA life membership because of my club membership. Yes, NRA has warts, but the Fudds are looking at the wrong ones. Because they have no grasp of history.

In Lighter News

Vintage Pr0n o' the Day. -And Praxis; think about it. A chunk of scrap steel - discarded railroad for example - and some time, and you can crank out single-shot .40S&W VolksPistolen. They don't have to be fancy, they just have to work long enough to take the now-dead fascist's tax-funded Glock and AR. As for cartridges, sneak up and knock one over the head to start the process.

More Vintage Pr0n here.

And here - but the glove pistol was, IIRC, an American WWII device, firing a single .38 Special cartridge, reportedly developed for SeaBees building stuff in contested territory. Or for OSS work as dramatized in Inglorious Basterds.

Another good review of the M1 BFT from Mr. E., top-100-nationally-ranked CMP Garand Match shooter. The updated version is done and will be uploaded soon-ish.

3123 Tuesday, 3 January 2012:

The World Sucks

...Or gun owners.

Florida representative Allen West, supposed Tea Party/Gadsden-wearing/Small-Government Conservative, already voted to extend the PATRIOT Act. Now we learn he voted for NDAA, which with just a tiny bit of willful bigoted agenda-driven misinterpretation will gut the rest of that Bill of Rights thingy. WTF Colonel? WTF!?


Speaking of WTF, the other side is not sane. And they call us "nuts"?

That five-year-old had it coming. I suppose the family should be grateful they weren't tasered and zip-tied?

And it seems to answer a question I've asked the badgethugs before: What "law" would you not enforce? What order would you not obey? Now we know.

They're all like that. There is no such thing as a good cop. They are all enemies of the people by the simple fact of their existence.

The "laws" are wrong. All of them. Help the victims.

Last night I had opportunity to watch Atlas Shrugged, Part 1. (Yes I've read the book, a few years ago.) Yes, the acting left something to be desired but that's not the point. Toward the end, Wesley Mouch was speechifying: "Big companies will no longer be permitted to abandon their present states and move to wealthier states...." Which in 1957, and often since, was dismissed as McCarthy-esque commie-conspiracy crazy-talk.


If you're not bloody terrified, you're not paying attention.

In Lighter News

TJIC is (sort of) back. You remember TJIC. I miss his old stuff.

The DAR mentioned in this blog post is where I earned my Rifleman patch. Gotta go back there, $omeday....

This is the right way to raise a child. Any parent who is not prepared to defend their children is a bad parent. Any parent who teaches their children to not defend themselves is evil.

The final cut of the M1 BFT is uploaded and public. In hindsight I left a few things out of previous BFTs, like the relationship between safety and hammer for the 10/22, and grip safety function in the 1911. I intend each of these videos to stand alone, complete in itself.

3124 Wednesday, 4 January 2012:

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker....

They hate us and want us to die. There is no other way to put it. We're not the ones hurting people. All we want is to be left alone.

But all they want is total control.

Yeah, it's looking like I won't be voting.

"Sometimes officers are faced with [un]ethical or illegal activity, which can go all the way to the top of a police agency." You don't say? There is no such thing as a good cop, and as if on cue, SMLE Fan sends a textbook example. "I started to read the comments, but when I got to one defending the JBTs, this strange red haze came over my eyes and prevented me from continuing."

And then there's this from the International Brotherhood of Uniformed Rapists, Thieves, and Pedophiles. To which Firehand adds, "...we're AMERICANS, we're not supposed to have 'unquestioning compliance' with clowns who want to treat us like crap and violate our rights. Screw you."

Much is said of faith in the Oathkeepers of our military - I've said some myself. But they're not all like that. There will be blood.

Via Michael G., is there any government agency in the history of government agencies that doesn't consist of pathological liars and thieves? Government jobs don't make people monsters, government jobs attract monsters.

And so does mainstream media. The kind of monsters who hate us and want us to die.

Via VCDL, hypocrisy from the looters.

Speaking of looting, Prophecy o' the Day. See also.

Speaking of hypocrisy, also see.

In Lighter News

Little progress in New Jersey. Little.

Ended up at EvilWoman's again last night, which explains how not-quite-1Gb of BFT got uploaded. While there I also downloaded 695Mb of Ubuntu and the necessary installer to make a bootable USB drive. And the Dell is booting off it right now, next to me, as I type this on AwesomeBox at 1900 Tuesday evening. And now it's installing on the HDD and soon I'll have a functional wardriving machine even without the optical drive. SQUEEE. I might still go back to Windows later, for all the comfortable-familiar apps, once I have an optical drive to install it with, but at last I have a laptop that works. It even sees one of the encrypted WiFi signals near the hovel, asks for password.

Today I hiked it to the library for updates. The touchpad is flaky (ah - after heat buildup in extended use, starts out ok) but a USB mouse works perfectly - and I have a wireless with a USB dongle which I've already transported to use EvilWoman's spare laptop, so that's not a big hassle. Later I'll get another. -Hey, do all wireless mice work off the same frequency, 2.4GHz? Does the dongle for one work with another, a different brand? 'Cause if they do I can pick some up cheap at second-hand stores, separated from their dongles.

Poking around Ubuntu Linux 11.10. Comes with the LibreOffice equivalent of the OpenOffice equivalent of Word and Excel, which is a big chunk of the apps I need. Also comes with Firefox (so I can access mail2web for my primary email, or launch an anonymous webmail account with any of how many providers now (you don't think I registered the machine in my own name, do you)?), to which DownloadHelper was successfully added - I lurvs me some .FLVs. Unfortunately the Linux version of uTorrent is an Alpha release (alternatives?).... I reckon I might keep me this-here Linux thingy a while, at least then I'll know how to use it when I encounter it elsewhere.

3125 Thursday, 5 January 2012:

The World Sucks

"The freedom and happiness of man ... [are] the sole objects of all legitimate government." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Thaddeus Kosciusko, 1810

But that's not what we have now.


Cops hate citizens and want them to die, Chapter MMMCXXV. Click through for Codrea's latest Rights Watch column for campus administrators who hate students and want them to be raped.

And speaking of cops and rape. No, this one didn't actually rape the woman after robbing her at gunpoint, this time. I expect he, or his brothers in blue, have a long record of doing so. Because that's what cops are.

Michael G. sends another timid and slanted call for reform in NYC - but not in defense of natural human rights; rather, in defense of NYC's fundamentally unAmerican, unConstitutional separatism. Now if they called for secession - NYC to no longer be a part of the United States - that I could get behind. But that's not how it's supposed to work. The Constitution is not a list of things citizens may do; it's not even a list of things government can't do. It's a list of the very few things government is supposed to do, and anything not on the list is not government's business. How did it all get turned around?

In Lighter News

I'm... not sure I even own a candle. I can probably find some at a dollar store....

MidwestReader reports sighting stainless Ruger Bearcats at a Cabela's store. Also reports that the previously-mentioned Uberti SAA clones for $369 are in fact Pietta: "They have brass frames, dark smooth wood grips, and the steel parts are matte blued. The .357 I picked up was VERY tightly fitted, though its trigger pull seemed to me a bit excessive."

I get email alerts from, but am rationing bandwidth too much to listen to, the weekly Appleseed webcast. Now that I have a functioning laptop I can go grab archived .MP3s or .WMAs or whatever. The reason I mention it at all now is, this week's episode features David Hackett Fischer, who is one butt-kicking history author, talking about Washington's Crossing, which I have read and greatly enjoyed, and linked just a couple weeks ago on the anniversary of the Original BAMF Trenton Raid.

RKBA is for everyone. It's a human right.

Tuesday afternoon I had lunch with EvilWoman at The Bomber Restaurant in Milwaukee, Oregon, where what's left of a B-17G has been on display for decades. I took a few photos.

Speaking of aircraft pr0n....

Hiked the Dell to the library again - got necessary Flash stuff for YouTube installed to Firefox, codecs installed in Ubuntu's native video player, etc. SQUEEE. Bunch of tutorial tabs opened from Ubuntu, studying. Still searching for a torrent applicationD'OH there's one of those built in tooMUUWAAHAHAHAHAAA. For my next trick, how do I establish an adhoc wireless connection between AwesomeBox, running XPPro64 with an 802.11g card, and the Dell, which I shall call die Petze, running Ubuntu 11.10 with built-in .11g, so that I can connect Petze to the internet through AwesomeBox's Cricket USB cellmodem? I have done this before, with the old NEC, but both machines were running Windows back then.

All right, this nanny-state stuff has gone too far. This is the last straw:

I'm getting the torches and pitchforks! WHO'S WITH ME!?

3126 Friday, 6 January 2012:

The World Sucks

"This I hope will be the age of experiments in government, and that their basis will be founded in principles of honesty, not of mere force." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams, 1796

But that's not what we have now.

Ever more Project Gunwalker....

Michael G. sends more on the persecution of Meredith Graves. "...[A]n act of obscene and intolerable tyranny." Of which I also am a victim. It's a human right and anyone who violates it is evil.

It's not paranoia if they really are putting a price on your basic-human-right-exercising head.

Feeding the crocodile....

This crocodile right here. Police do not exist to "protect and serve" you.

Civilization is dying. The "law" is the enemy.

In Lighter News

Added another tweak to my utopia's Constitution.

Continuing to explore Linux and the new laptop. Naturally the Linux build came with a text editor, which is all I really need for this HTML - but I've been using WSFTP for uploading to the subdomain. For the .NAME server I can login to the GoDaddy control center through a browser, which is fine for files, but any web page I upload there gets a banner ad on top, which is why this site moved. Researching FTP techniques, grabbing tutorial .FLVs - looks like Firefox has one built in, or there's a related one I can download, though I don't know yet if there's a Linux version. So now I can theoretically keep this site updated from anydamnwhere-with-a-WiFi-signal, as long as I remember the addresses and passwords - and that's what little text files, and USB drives, and emailing stuff to yourself, are for.

Next time I have money, I'm'a get me one of those miniature card readers, with a single SD slot and a USB plug. 'Cause I usually have a camera or two with me, but not always the correct cable for it, and Petze has no built-in card reader like later laptops.

...And now the battery lasts at least an hour and keeps me up late scribbling a story in the word processor. SQUEEE. Thank you Michael G.!

3127 Saturday, 7 January 2012:

The World Sucks


The blood-dancing continues. If they can't find a convenient incident, they'll manufacture one. We know this.

We're not the ones hurting people. All we want is to be left alone.

Making stuff up as they go along, Chapter MMMCXXVII. No legitimacy.

Taxation is theft, no matter how it's gift-wrapped. But someone has to pay for the frigates and the crewbeings who fly them, for the Marines who sleep in mud and get shot at so the rest of us don't have to. In my utopia, taxes on income, property, and estates are right out; and a usage/consumption/sales tax does make sense, "only on what we choose to spend on new goods or services, not on what we earn." The comingling problem remains of course, slopping it all together and spending it on stuff you don't want, like government indoctrination centers for other people's children when you have none of your own - but I still think the Fair Tax would be an improvement if all other taxes were in fact repealed.

Which would require a huge reduction in the power and scope of government at all levels to operate within its reduced means, which is not going to happen short of bloody revolution. Because the parasites are entrenched and The World Sucks. :(

I guess I'm not a real Republican either.

In Lighter News

I got yer candlelight vigil right here:

Tam has science.

Added Amendments to my utopia's Constitution.

3128 Sunday, 8 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Just yesterday I was saying that government would not live within its means without bloody revolution.

We can start by burning down all government schools.

Everything they do is wrong.

And they call us "terrorists".

We know who the real enemy is. PREPARE.

In Lighter News

That candlelight vigil thing is officially today. Among many others:

Forgotten Weapons
Robb Allen
Smallest Minority
and me.

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT.

Technology is awsumm. All kinds of potential, all the way up to Johnnie Rico.

Vintage pr0n.

Gary Johnson....

3129 Monday, 9 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Phoned the previous driving job, which didn't pay enough and had one stop with uniformed rapists. Left message.


Cops hate citizens and want to execute us on sight. Look past the details of the specific incident. Look at the precedent being set. "Standard procedure." "Department protocols." "Responded as he was trained." "An 'absolute need' for private citizens to be perforated by any bullets [LAPD Chief Charlie] Beck's minions send their way...."

And they call us "terrorists". (Not funny.) -Naïveté from the author methinks: "When DHS thugs come into any state to set up these fascist checkpoints, the sheriff's office, and all other state police forces, by order of the governor or states attorney general, should immediately instruct them to leave. If they do not obey, then they should be arrested and jailed." Would that be the same sheriff's office and state police we've been reading about for years? Sure, there are a handful of rural counties where the sheriff actually reads the Constitution instead of laughing at it, but the overwhelming majority are very much on the same team. We're going to have to face the enemy ourselves.

No one will come to rescue us.

Just the other day I said, if they can't find an incident, they'll manufacture one.

Here's how government thinks. Problem: Crooks are robbing particular stuff from citizens. Solution: Outlaw the citizen's stuff. That 25th Amendment thing should apply all the way down to dogcatchers, y'ask me - but only the aforementioned same team have the power to implement it, and they like things just as they are.

In Lighter News

Candlelight Vigil, The Movie.

Movement toward a Victim Protection Act in Nebraska. Adding NFOA to my front page icons and links page. -But I can't help wondering, victims of whom?

We don't need government. It's not about "justice" or "rights", it's about control. And taxloot of course.

When I say "Our Kind", this is what I mean.


During my first or second Appleseed, back in '07, I asked one of the instructors about this. His response was that it would lose zero when the barrel heated in prolonged firing. In hindsight I have to wonder how prolonged that would have to be. Anyhow this would be for a 7.62 M1 I hope to own someday on principle, or the M1A I'll buy after winning the lottery - the Queen will continue to comply with CMP rules so I can return to national ranking someday. Especially since it appears I'd have to remove the gas cylinder to remove the forward handguard to remove the rear handguard to install the thing, and that's something you just don't do repeatedly.

3130 Tuesday, 10 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Bailed out by EvilWoman again. Which preys on the soul. But there is lighter news....

Gunwalker, and ewww.

Disarmament kills, again.

More bigotry in Washington. And more. Just replace "2nd Amendment" with "1st Amendment" and see what happens. It's a human right, but the people trying to destroy it actually think they're the good guys.

Because they hate us and want us to die.

They hate us and want us to die.


"Seems to me, the public was safe until someone kicked that door in and the gun shots started."

Yes, they were.

"Who’s the violent people shooting up the neighborhoods again?"

We know who the real threats to public safety are.

The other day I pointed out how government thinks. Yeah, it's like that.

Yeah, it's like that. Because Stupid Party is Stupid.

My choice for Quote o' the Day: "...[S]adly, looking back, I learned a lot more by reading library books on the long bus ride than I ever did in class...." Me, I escaped in the eighth grade. Burn them down.

This QotD is pretty good too.

In Lighter News

Not sure it's Lighter, but there's buckets of Praxis here.

...Speaking of, since I got die Petze, I've been hiking 20 blocks to the library and back to use their WiFi. Originally to conserve fuel. (The old branch, with the uniformed child molester in the lobby, is much further.) Not the kind of PT I, we all, really need, but better than nothing.

Common Sense on Gutenberg. For the record.

Prohibition FAIL, Chapter MMMCXXX.

I CAN HAZ JOB. Got the previous driving job back. Without having to ask, a different route/area, so hopefully I won't encounter uniformed rapists again. Payroll lag will be an issue.... What I could really use now is a GPS, the last job issued one. ...Allllthough, Google maps on die Petze, presuming I can get a signal to at least plot the initial route, might go a long way. Pretty slick, input multiple destinations, grab and drag the route, drag-and-drop the destination list in the the sidebar to change order.

Oookay, new problem: GoDaddy's FTP manager works through a browser, but does not recognize a Linux file system. Working on it. One of the primary uses for die Petze is to be able to transfer files and update this site remotely. Presently I have a couple more .PDFs ready for the archive but I don't want to risk exceeding the transfer cap on Cricket. FileZilla is installed now, poking at it... needs specific login stuff which is, as I type this at the library, twenty blocks away on AwesomeBox. Well, that's what USB drives and text files are for. I'm'a figger this owt.

Also have OpenShot video editor installed - appears similar in gross layout to PowerDirector, though much less powerful. That will require an external mouse before I even try to use it, 'cause video editing software is all about fussy little mouse movements and that just can't be done with a touchpad, even when it's not flaking out due to heat buildup. But the idea is, I can take video somewhere, transfer it to this Linux laptop, at-least-crudely chop it up right there in the field, and- um, does the YouTube uploader recognize a Linux file system? Why yes, yes it does, alrightythen. MUWAHAHAHA. This is how a laptop can be as powerful as a battle rifle. Michael G., U R teh awsumm! CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL!

3131 Wednesday, 11 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Wrong Question o' the Day: "For the past year, the question has been whether Mitt Romney would be acceptable to the Republican party." Of course he's acceptable to the Stupid Party, and when's the last time they cared what those taxpaying-voter-thingies actually wanted? “But if we don’t vote for Mitt, Obama will win!” What's the difference?

Speaking of dangerous precedents, Hofmann points out an effort to outlaw dissent. Which is elementally unAmerican. They can't win on the merits of their product, so they resort to government force.

Speaking of unAmerican, being a patriotic American who reveres liberty and justice and that Constitution thingy, it's always a bit of struggle for me to not kill cops on sight. As one would any rabid vermin. In righteous and logical self-defense.

In Lighter News

Blech, the area is actually downtown. At least it's not downtown downtown where there's a uniformed thief and professional rapist on every streetcorner, but parking is a dirty word. Need fuel....

3132 Thursday, 12 January 2012:

The World Sucks

I am once again racing the dregs of resources against the payroll lag against the fuel tank. No paycheck 'til the 23rd, and that will be for a short week. At least I'm getting some exercise, parking-and-hiking - but now the shoes are falling apart again, ow.


I will not vote for Mitt Romney, or his veep either. GOP does not grok.

Multiple standards, Chapter MMMCXXXII. They claim the divine right to do the same things they send uniformed rapists to destroy our lives for doing.

A rabid vermin cop (to include his nodding and "uh-huh"-ing partner in domestic terrorism) threatens to murder a law-abiding citizen and, as usual, the cop union rallies around their brother in blue. "I AM DANIEL HARLESS"? Yeah, we know.

There is no such thing as a good cop.

In Lighter News

More Guns, Less Crime. To which the lying bigots' only response is to call us bigoted liars.

Google Maps haz bugz. Wednesday I had 34 deliveries in 27 locations at 24 addresses. The software will show them all, but when trying to drag and drop items in the list to rearrange their order, it locks up in both Opera/Windows and Firefox/Linux (and Firefox/Windows too). Yahoo Maps uses a very similar interface, but appears to have different bugs when inputting the destinations - and it doesn't let you grab-and-drag to shuffle them. But, Google Maps does work as advertised with a smaller number of points. New strategy: open multiple tabs and chop up the route. Thus I can plan sections of the route and arrange each package in order. Today I had quite a bit of wasted effort because of Google maps' lack of capacity.

Presently I'm using a borrowed Magellan Roadmate, not sure what model. And it SUCKS. It lags, often to the point of uselessness, sometimes a couple blocks behind my actual location. The zoom function won't stay zoomed - I like to zoom out some so I can see more of the plotted course and plan ahead for lane changes and the like, but nearly every time I do it zooms back in moments later, to about a three-car-length radius (I exaggerate... actually no I don't). SUCKS. Maybe it's an older model and these items have been fixed. Maybe it's a used specimen and has RatsNestOS. But We Are Not Amused. GoogleNav on the tablet worked quite well actually, though I didn't attempt multiple destinations with it.

3133 Friday, 13 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Out of fuel. The Shambling Wrecktm sputtered and gasped every time it went uphill and sloshed what was left. I'd'a been stuck bad without the reserve can I usually carry, and now that's empty too.

Gunwalker. Compare to lying bigots calling us bigoted liars.

The Stupid Party. Looking closely, I see I'm not the only one who remembers that Contract With America thingy.

Burn down all government schools.

Armed robbery in uniform. THIEVES SHOULD BE KILLED.

Plea deal for Meredith Graves. Not lighter news because she was robbed at gunpoint for exercising a human right under an illegitimate law. THIEVES SHOULD BE KILLED.

This is the kind of people who don't want us able to defend ourselves. Because "They are hate filled people out to destroy lives."

"Just please to be killing as many of the tyrannical bastards as you can before achieving your spiritual objective." ROGER - WILCO

In Lighter News

Holding thieves accountable in Florida.

Hunley pics.

Not sure this is lighter: ready-made cache-burial tubes.

G&C examines the TurKrap 7.92x57mm. -If I can find a clipful of the stuff - I had hundreds once and should still have a little - I'm'a chop it up for dummy rounds for a '98 Mauser BFT, like I did with some other stuff for the Mosin.

Joe Huffman examines armed-robber-in-uniform training standards.

Exoplanets. Billyuns of 'em.

Robot butler? Working on it.

"Auto-zoom on turns". Whose idea was that? I mean sure, maybe, but it zooms too damn much and there's not a box to uncheck for the lag problem - by the time she finishes mispronouncing the street name I've missed the cursed turn. GoogleNav on an Android tablet did not so suck.

Yessss, FileZilla works for FTP on the Linux laptop. Navigating through the Linux file structure is a bit troublesome, but I can open their equivalent of Explorer and drag-drop files into FileZilla and that works, good enough. March/April 2012 American Handgunner, and December 1961, January 1962, and March 2012 Guns, are archived.

Yes there's a Linux version of Skype. Seems to be working, recognizes my approved contact list.

The Almighty Internet provides information for getting my Microsoft VX1000 webcam to work on Linux. ...Orrr not. It's at least partly recognized by Ubuntu 11.10; VLC accesses it in capture mode and I can wave to myself, and maybe record, but I can't tell where the file is being saved; Skype seems to recognize it as a USB device but the Test option shows only a black screen.

Most testing, updating, and installing on die Petze is done at the library, using their bandwidth, so I can only really fiddle with it when I have time and/or energy to go there.

3134 Saturday, 14 January 2012: On this day in 1794, the United States were recognized as a sovereign and independent nation.

The World Sucks

Couldn't make the show today. Well, can't afford anything there anyway.

Later, EvilWoman donated a tank of fuel and a reserve can and a restaurant meal. The fueling took longer than intended because Shambling Wrecktm did not have enough fuel to make it up the hill to the cheaper gas station, so I had to park it, hop in her car with the can, get that filled, drive back, pour it in my car, then drive that to the station. Hopefully I'll have enough until payday now.

SMLE Fan: "Seriously, Sparky, just how many times are you going to be shtupped by your 'brothers in blue' before you understand that whatever the reason was for founding full-time police forces, they currently serve no-one but themselves and the folks who sign the paycheck?"

"Protect and Serve". Yeah. We know who.

"I know an airport cop who is proud of his patriotism. He claims that he will never violate citizens' rights, but he watches and assists as they are violated daily." There is no such thing as a good cop, of any kind.

I keep saying it and they keep proving it: They hate us and want us to die.

In the news, 114kt Italian cruise ship runs aground and capsizes. "People were trying to steal lifejackets from each other. We could only gets ones for children." And the Eurotrash call Americans "uncivilized"? The domestic elitists want us to be more like them? -How could this even happen? In this day and age with a half-billion-Euro ship less than six years old and GPS built into half the passengers' cellphones? How many sequential levels of FAIL were required?

Government. It's like that.

And our conserrrvative saaaaviors are Stupid. (Can I save up enough for an AR by election day...?)

To say nothing of the noble watchdogs of the media.

Didn't I just say? Divine right.

Ambivalence o' the Day: "The GOP Establishment in Florida is apparently quite willing to see Allen West defeated...." Would that be the same Allen West who excited so many TaxedEnoughAlready, small-government Republitarians, then voted for both the PATRIOT Act and NDAA? Can't trust nobody no more.

Not even our fellow Gunfolk.

From the lists:

Since I got Petze I've been wardriving with a vengeance. Outside the hovel there are many open WiFi signals. Some have authentication pages after connection, like the code the barrista gives you, but I can usually find one that allows access of some kind. The library just has a boilerplate blurb and an "Agree" button. Even with the endless suckage, we don't know how good we have it here.

"Global Warming" My Ass.

In Lighter News

Michael G. sends something from the other Rifleman's Journal, about the way things used to be, and the way to do things right. -Speaking of the legends of armsmaking, from the sidebar, Saint John.

In reference to yesterday's link to ready-made cache tubes, SMLE Fan sez: "CTD cache tubes: for $80 a pop they had better dig the hole, jump in, and cover themselves up. And unbury themselves when the Incantation of Visibility is invoked." -Ya know, I worked as a plumber's assistant for a short time, until he crawled into a bottle. PVC pipe is available at your local Big Honking Hardware/Builder's Store in wondrous variety of size and thickness, as is everything else needed to enclose it (caps and adhesives). Rly. And you can get dry ice (to evacuate oxygen before sealing) at some supermarkets.

...Yeah want.

(BTW, Costa Concordia is very slightly narrower in beam (though much taller), but almost twice as long, as Aurora (which is cylindrical). But Aurora must take her environment with her, gobbling up passenger and cargo space with machinery and tankage.)

Found the .AVI recorded by VLC with the VX1000 - no sound. The webcam is supposed to have a built-in microphone. Testing on AwesomeBox - unplug default 3.5mm microphone, plug in USB webcam, make test recording - yeah, that works, so it's not the hardware. Looking up forum stuff on AwesomeBox/Windows/Cricket, emailing URLs to myself so I can download drivers on die Petze/Linux/WiFi later. (Unless I install Cricket on Petze, AwesomeBox is presently my only net-capable machine at the hovel. If I put Cricket on Petze it might download a honking huge update and blow the billing cycle's transfer cap and downshift to almost dialup speed.)

(Michael G., I am using the heck out of this laptop - transfers, torrents, videos I want to watch but haven't the bandwidth for at the hovel, planning and checking routes for work with Google Maps. Thank you!)

The last driving job, which paid very well indeed but threw me away like a used tissue, started at noon. This one, which doesn't pay near as much but took me back when I desperately needed income after I left it for better pay, starts at unholy-thirty-ay-em, so I'm a morning person again, blech. Hiked to the library not long after it opened and dived into Petze again, trying to get the VX1000 and Skype functioning.

Still no progress. Skype itself appears to work for text chat, except none of my contacts are online when I'm at the library. VLC still gets video only from the webcam, no sound, and nothing in Skype. The forums have convoluted eyes-glazing-over kilobytes of Terminal commands and obscure references to downloaded drivers.

Books... got two more, Drake's Voyage Across the Stars and Flint-etc.'s Grantville Gazette VI. Due to holds, I have to set Hornfischer's Neptune's Inferno - about half done, the USN is starting to learn how to fight and the IJN is starting to run out of ships, and skilled men, they can't replace - aside.

3135 Sunday, 15 January 2012:

The World Sucks

"Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer." - Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

And that's what we have now.

Tuscon Tom sends a long and detailed examination of class warfare. A while ago I said a military coup was not the worst thing I could imagine for this nation - but that depends a great deal on who issues the orders.

Encore l'Zumbo.

In Lighter News

Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. Opening with discussion of Olympic shooting. (Yeah, I got yer Olympic shooting sports right here.) Codrea and Gunwalker in the second hour.

VCDL gettin' uppity.

Bionic arms? WORKING ON IT.

Cure for cancer? WORKING ON IT.

"If you’re still hung up over the issues of caliber and model selection of your primary arms, you’re spending too much time on inconsequential non-issues." Which I have also noted, and which is another reason I'm making my BFT videos, explicitly stated at 1:40 in the first one. -Pretty much the only reason I feel a need for an AR is because half the planet is using the things and the Garand isn't being issued anymore. I'm not near as likely to find M2 Ball and en-bloc clips lying around a modern battlefield as I am M855/SS109 and STANAG 30-rounders.

[query=random] .30 Carbine headspaces on the case mouth, right? Like any other straight-case rimless pistol cartridge? Does it take a taper crimp, likewise? See, I was describing the Nagant revolver to EvilWoman and explaining the difficulty with ammunition - the surplus stuff will be non-reloadable and probably corrosive-primed; the Starline brass will be shorter, conventional cases without the gas seal; the Fiocchi stuff is horribly overcrimped and splits at the mouth upon firing. But presuming proper brass could be found, what dies would one use? Could certain existing dies be used? A sizer from .30 Carbine or one of the modern .32 revolvers? Perhaps a .22 or .25 seater to get down below the mouth? Could a Lee FCD for .30 Carbine be fiddled to give the correct crimp? Oh- never mind.

3136 Monday, Hate Whitey Day, 16 January 2012: Somewhere along the way, "not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" got reversed.

The World Sucks

Short day, so short pay, eventually. Only three days' work last week, paid per stop, and I won't get paid for that until next Monday.

I have the money for car insurance in the bank, but I'm not paying it until the due date in case another emergency arises and I need those bucks for something. 'Cause there ain't no more.

Bit of snow, not quite sticking, but the Commiefornian immigrants will demand martial law and forced redistribution of tire chains....

They really think they are exempt from all measure of right and wrong. And they force their perverted lack of morality on all of us with the power of the State. "She doesn’t trust us!"

Yeah I got yer history lessons right here.

It's never been about anything but control. Never.

Via Michael G., "...[W]hen we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT...." Statists accuse libertarians of wanting anarchy. As if their way is better.

Example: BTR observes kleptocracy.

"...[C]ontempt for reality." Or simply, cops hate citizens.

Proof? EuroReader provides: "This is how it works in America, the cops beat the hell out of you, then charge you with assaulting them." And: TSA agents steal $40,000 from passenger luggage; sentenced to only five months in prison. "TSA 'agents' are not actually agents at all, however. They are not law enforcement, and they do not legally or constitutionally hold any type of special authority over anyone." Try telling them that. They all look the same to me.

Another example from Advice Goddess. And they don't trust us. Where are the charges of kidnapping and armed robbery under color of law?

TSA again: "TSA is dedicated to the health and safety of its employees." And no one else's.

Another company feeds the crocodile. >:-[

As for who the crocodile is eating first, Free Ryan Jerome. And refill his cage with the scum who kidnapped and robbed him.

In Lighter News

%^#$ YEAH o' the Day: "Anything short of Diplomatic Carry is infringement." Which I have implied.

So the idea is to blast NICS on Election Day. ...Except, if I do get an AR, I intend to get it in private sale. (I may never fill out a 4473 again.) Prolly be parted together anyway.

Buycott for TJIC.

"...[B]eing taught to shoot on the range in the military is not the same as being brought up with a rifle." Which is why enthusiasts like us will always have an edge over the government paychecks.

SMLE Fan creates a meme.

3137 Tuesday, 17 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Rather a lot of snow this morning, turning to rain. Forecast for rain and wind. Wiper blades make horrible incessant squeaking, and replacing them, last time I had money, was not the solution. I wonder if they're the correct arms with the correct curvature?

"Why should a police officer be allowed to possess a type of arm... that any other citizen cannot?" Because the "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.

And they call us racist.

That means you too, Elmer.

Hofmann illuminates the violent lunatics.

A price on your head for peacefully exercising a human right.

Europeans are civilized?

Kleptocracy. The deliberate and systematic looting of an entire nation.

Visual Aid o' the Day.

But they don't trust us.

In Lighter News

An increment against the inevitable evils of prohibition.

Pacifists Taste Like Chicken, Chapter MMMCXXXVII.



The laundromat sucks a little less because WiFi in range SQUEEE

3138 Wednesday, 18 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Rather a lot of snow last night, quickly turning to slush. The usual panic from the Incompetent Communitytm.

Shambling Wrecktm attempted to shed a wiper blade. I don't think anything else has fallen off recently....


This site is joining others to protest censorship.

See the related GOA alert and take action.

Correia has the Quote o' the Day: "...I’d much rather have some loser rip me off than give an already out of control government one more Orwellian power."

More hypocrisy from the left. (I also am a life member of NRA, and am no fan of LaPierre.)

BTR observes more kleptocracy. Pournelle observed this Fundamental Truth of the Universe long ago.

Oh look, more bureaucrats, struggling to hatch. Earth isn't enough for the vermin, they have to infest the whole universe.

"...[T]he voters speak, [the bureaucrats] stick their fingers in their ears and go 'LA LA LA LA LA!'." So much for that "consent of the governed" thingy.

There is no aspect of existence they believe to be out of their control.

A while back, Michael G. asked if there were some... as it were... fusion center to track Fusion Centers and HomeSec activities. Working on it. Check comments for more links.

And then we have, "The Obama administration is providing senior state and local police officials with its analysis of homegrown terrorism incidents, including common signs law enforcement can use to identify violent extremists." All police are the self-declared enemies of the people. There is no excuse, no justification. And there can be no peace.

I was just thinking about this earlier today. All this talk of holding one's nose and voting for Romney everything Obama is except the color, and the GOP, as I have said, does not grok. They have the wrong end of the equation, trying to make themselves over to be like the enemy in the hope of wooing swing voters so they can get elected, live off our taxes, and get invited to Maria Shriver's parties in the Hamptons. The lesser evil is still evil. Michael G. sends, purge.

In Lighter News


Korean M1s?

[pointing] HAH-HAH!

Fabbers. I said MOTHERGRAPPING FABBERS. Make anything out of anything without government permission. Set one to make more fabbers and there will be no putting the worms back in the can. Sure. Slow, clunky, finicky, extremely limited. Now. Look at your smartphone. Heck, look at my $20 TracFone. Now think back to the first portable telephones. CAN YOU DIG IT?

3139 Thursday, 19 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Snow gone, at least at the elevations I'm working, though on the edge of my area, heading uphill, were signs warning of hazardous conditions and requiring traction devices. Instead, wind and heavy rain.

Horrible, soaking, rain....


I will not vote for Mitt Romney, Chapter MMMCXXXIX. What's the damn difference?

Anyone who enforces any disarmament law is irredeemably evil.

From the lists, still gaming the system in DC. The seat of evil.

Government poisons everything it touches.

Kleptocracy. Visual aid.

The other side is provably insane.

"...[A] Denver police officer who got fired after getting caught driving 88 miles an hour over the speed limit while having a blood alcohol level above the legal limit... wants his job back and his public employee labor union, the Denver Police Protection Association, is backing him in his appeal."

"Officer... scours Craigslist for old men trying to get rid of 20 year old game mounts" for the sole purpose of destroying their lives in the name of the "law".

"Go to the wrong place, shoot a chained dog and threaten to kill the owner, no disciplinary action."

There is no such thing as a good cop. If this were still a free country they'd all be swinging from streetlights, birds pecking at their lifeless eyes.

It's not paranoia if they really are recruiting internment camp guards.

In Lighter News

Buycott for TJIC today.

Workman at SHOT.

3140 Friday, 20 January 2012:

The World Sucks

More Project Gunwalker. Note how they get Constitutional protections....

Hypocrisy and evil. They think they're the good guys while they facilitate rape and murder.

"...[S]omeone who naively committed a victimless crime, while trying to do the right thing." The "laws" are wrong and the enforcers are evil.

Provably insane....

So the attempt to murder the internet has been stopped... this time. "Congress cannot stand by and do nothing...." I wish they would, for once in their parasitic lives. Everything they do is wrong and they refuse to believe they are other than right. -"Why do Ted Deutch and Debbie Wasserman Schultz support SOPA and PIPA?" Because it's about control.

Total control.

Well, there's your problem: "One of the problems is not enough combat veterans participate in the final decision making process. Instead the decision comes from the brass, many of whom are far more political than tactical minded." 'Twere me, if the guy doesn't have the CIB, he has no business selecting an infantry weapon. And I expect even a few of those are political now, like MacArthur's MoH....

It's not paranoia if Big Brother really is looking inside your pants. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea, any enforcer who actually uses it, should be... oh I forgot, I can't say certain things out loud anymore or I'll be branded a "terrorist" and indefinitely "detained".

I don't want to live in this country anymore and there's nowhere else to go.

In Lighter News

Here's something I never thought I'd type: Someone has been watching too much Firefly.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, was the whole Blogspot system down today about noon Pacific time, or is it blocked by the library? Which latter makes little sense considering the other stuff I can access on Petze while seated there amongst the screeching brats gritting my teeth and reminding myself of the precious bandwidth....

3141 Saturday, 21 January 2012:

The World Sucks

Zzzz... mainly 'cause I can't afford to drive anywhere. Wuz gonna be a pin shoot at Wolverton this weekend, revolver-centric, but I don't have that much .357 loaded and can't afford fuel or match fees and then the director emailed everyone it's snowed out up there anyway.

Work called on Saturday to ask me if I wanted to make a few deliveries downtown downtown Monday where the uniformed thieves and professional rapists inhabit every streetcorner. -Filling in for the usual driver for that area, who is injured. Very light, and therefore unprofitable, load for my own area otherwise. I accepted, 'cause I need the grapping money, but still blech. Well. Points with the boss I guess, and I am, or should be, grateful they took me back.

So much for that representative government thingy. -It's disappointing to even email them; you get some form-response back three months later telling you how wonderful they are for doing the opposite of what you wrote them about.

Having trouble finding a job? Does it seem like someone, somewhere, is deliberately making it as difficult as possible to get hired? Yeah, they are.

Chuck Norris endorses Gingrich. Maybe I should just go have my name taken off the voting rolls right now.

Michael G. sends three articles on the corruption of comic books. Which reminds me of a fourth. As a recovering comicoholic, sigh. (OTOH we do have Monster Hunter International and The Grimnoir Chronicles.)

The Self-Destructive Jew, Chapter MMMCXLI.

And the badgethug roundup:

  • "Legislation being proposed would pay for the health insurance and college tuition for children of law enforcement officers.... Who is pushing for this bill? Iowa State Troopers Association, State Police Officers Council and two legislators, one a current and one former firefighter. Big surprise." No, as a matter of fact their lives are not worth more than the people who get robbed at gunpoint to pay their salaries.
  • Uniformed thieves and professional rapists.
  • It's not paranoia if tax-funded domestic terrorists really are calling the founding principles of this nation "terrorism".

    In Lighter News

    Not exactly lighter: Michael G. sends Jeff Knox at SHOT.

    From comments in the Self-Destructive Jew post, how to grip a handgun. If there were something like Appleseed for handguns, I would go. (If I could afford it.) Added to my daily blogtrawl, not least for the Muse to chew on.

    3142 Sunday, 22 January 2012:

    The World Sucks


    The lesser evil is still evil. (Snark o' the Day.)

    It's about control. Nothing else. They can't stand the idea of anyone doing anything without their permission.

    "...[I]f the City of Seattle doesn't like pissing away it's money on out of control cops, and the lawyer who loves them, then it might want to consider doing whatever it can to protect its residents from the physical and civil rights abuses perpetrated by members of its police force before they tase a pregnant woman three times in 42 seconds because she refused to sign a speeding ticket." But they think they're the GOOD guys.

    "...[T]he law loses its moral authority when it fails to distinguish between the criminal and the hapless or ill-informed citizen." Pardon my broken record: THE LAWS ARE WRONG AND THE ENFORCERS ARE EVIL.

    After America, there is nowhere else to run to.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT, at SHOT. Inspired by one of the Elves, my first Basic Firearms Disassembly video, for the 10/22, is processed and awaiting bandwidth. Should be uploaded by tomorrow evening. Thanks to Michael G.'s awsumm laptop donation I don't have to drive down to EvilWoman's anymore, and can instead simply hike to the library or stop there on the way back after work. I'd been tinkering with the script for a couple weeks, but with that done, recording took 20 minutes, editing took about an hour, and processing took another 21 minutes. YAY TECHNOLOGY.

    (I am srsly using the heck out of that laptop. Picking up my daily load, I check it against the manifest and sort it by ZIP code. Then I use the laptop, with work's WiFi, to launch a browser tab of Google Maps for each ZIP, input the addresses, and drag/drop them into a sequence that makes sense. When I have the maps how I want them, I sort the packages in the bins to match that order, then I close the laptop, putting it in standby so I can doublecheck along the way even if I don't have a signal to update the map. Often I'll find a parking spot and hike around to several locations within a few blocks. Then after the route is done, I stop at the library or somewhere else with WiFi and type up my report, with the point-of-delivery and time for each package, and webmail it to the boss. Once that's done I'll hang out awhile using bandwidth for big transfers, video capture, etc. Thanks Michael!)

    All Hail Saint John. My sister gave me the official book years ago and I read it. And my nineteen-by-God-eleven is right next to the mousepad as I type.

    3143 Monday, John Moses Browning Day, 23 January 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Gunwalker. Provably insane.

    "...[T]he law effectively prevented her from being armed when she entered her own home...." Wrong and evil.

    Looks like it's 1992 all over again. GOP proves incorrigible, Dems laugh all the way to the throne.

    There can be no peace. All we want is to be left alone and all they want is everything we have.

    In the news, a little ray of hope? "The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that police cannot put a GPS device on a suspect's car to track his movements without a warrant...." Well, don't count on it. The enforcers are evil. The only "laws" they care about are the ones they can rob and rape people in the name of. And as for the protection of a warrant, the thugs are writing their own these days, judges blindly rubber-stamp them. Those protections are gone. "Come back with a warrant" gets you electrocuted at best, more likely murdered.

    -While depositing my first paycheck in three months at the bank today (more than half of which immediately went to fuel, food, and a replacement headlight), another customer - with a subdued Gadsden patch on his shoulder - was talking about a federal law making it illegal to disable GPS on smartphones, even if the preferences tell you it's been turned off. Anyone heard of that? Just another reason to use TracFone or other prepaid, lower-tech cellphones, which, last time I activated one, can still be set up without identification.

    There is no such thing as a good cop. They are all evil or willing accomplices to evil. Even the horribly-rare handful who still try to help people are ordered not to. "Am I playing for the right team?" No you're damn well not. But they never think to ask.

    "Fear is what power monsters love." Sadists and perverts in uniform, every one.

    Every one.

    Further examples in the probably-politically-motivated kidnapping and robbery of a United States Representative Senator - worse yet, one of the few who's actually read that Constitution thingy. A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised - some of Our Kind are viewing this as the first step toward destruction of the uniformed child-molesters, but I predict child porn will be "found" on Rand Paul's computer before any such legislation is voted. That's how the game works now.

    And now catching cold is a crime. How can these evil, perverted filth live with themselves? How can they still believe they're the GOOD guys?

    I need out of this horrible place....

    In Lighter News

    Workman has SHOT AAR.

    BFD#1, Ruger 10/22, is online. Scripts prepared for 1911, GP100, and in the works for M1. BFT for '98 Mauser scripted but not recorded. Can't really write a script for the Remington 11/Auto-5 until I lay hands on one, but that may be in a couple weeks.

    3144 Tuesday, 24 January 2012:

    The World Sucks

    More heavy rain.

    I'm expecting my next paycheck to be less than $300. I have $25.39 in checking and $20 cash. Yeah that don't add up.

    "The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse." --James Madison, speech in the Virginia constitutional convention, 1829

    And that's what we have now.

    To include more Project Gunwalker.

    Armed self-defense works. Which is why the powers that be can't stand it. They don't want us able to defend ourselves from them.

    This economic news isn't really funny. Everything has risen dramatically in price just in the last decade. Winco used to have a loaf of white bread for fifty-eight cents, and it didn't suck. Now it's ninety-eight cents and has air bubbles big enough for an armored vehicle's firing port. A two-liter bottle of national-brand soda was ninety-eight cents, now it's a buck and a half. And then there's fuel, which has doubled in price in how few years? And the new cornohol formulae are rotting engines while driving up food prices while using more fossil fuels to make the stuff. And then there's schools. Everything is falling apart. No one notices because they have smartphones and reality TV and zomg lovin teh hi tech worrrld we're livin in da fuuuuture. Anyone who tries to point out the downward trend is ridiculed - or electrocuted and beaten - as a dangerous extremist. But what if we're right? What will the Useless Classes, the cityfolk who couldn't change a tire to save their lives, the parasite mobs who can't imagine living without EBT/OPM, what will they do when their MP3s no longer play?

    And what will we have to do in response?

    I like cats. A fellow cat-lover sent a HuffPo piece alleging a politically-motivated killing and mutiliation of a cat. Yeah, well:

    That's right, I'm implying the left would kill and mutilate their own innocent pets for political gain. Socialism is as (national, or any other kind of) socialism does.

    The evil that thinks it is good:
  • Visual aid.
  • Reader sends, "No surprises here, except they got caught." [New Haven, CT police officer John] Miller repeatedly slapped a man handcuffed in his car, while [officer Dennis] Spaulding threw a man to the ground and repeatedly kicked him while he was handcuffed.... "John Miller is a hero in East Haven," [Miller's lawyer] said. "He's decorated. He's a wonderful family man. Hopefully, we'll clear his name."

    Sadists and perverts, every one. 'The day may yet come when members of "law enforcement" may feel the need to conceal their affiliation.' They already feel the need to conceal their identities. These creatures, they live among us. They take off their uniforms at the end of their shifts and they stand in line next to us at the supermarket and they pretend to be human beings.

    In Lighter News

    You know that Beretta/Stoeger Cougar pistol with the rotating barrel? And how it's New and Different until you stumble across a Steyr M1912 at the gun show? ALL HAIL SAINT JOHN.

    Improvement in Pennsylvania?

    Praxis? 'Cause, ya know, real-world tested.

    Whipped out BFD#2, GP100, awaiting bandwidth (950Mb), probably tomorrow. (My best video camera is the Canon A580, which maxes at 640x480. Could u$e a better - these guys have such, you can see the step in a revolver's chambers.) The chosen library branch opens at noon some days, 10am others. Today I was done with my route by 10am but the branch opened at noon, so I only stopped in their parking lot long enough to use their WiFi to webmail my report, then retreated to the hovel.

    Michael G. suggests using plastic water bottles as packing material if y'all are sending me l00t, as they are worth five cents in Oregon. Every bit helps! Neighbor lady leaves her beer bottles out for me.

    3145 Wednesday, 25 January 2012:

    The World Sucks

    According to the spreadsheet, my next paycheck may be less than two hundred dollars. This job barely pays enough to show up.

    Project Gunwalker....

    The rulers are "too self-deluded into thinking they’re important people to realize how dangerously incompetent they really are." Or as I have said and said and said, they think they're the good guys.

    (Self-deluded... dangerously incompetent....)

    Speaking of dangerously incompetent, '...I was ready to yell “What did you do with the last $Trillion we gave you?”'

    And we're supposed to vote for... what?

    They still hate us and still want us to die.

    Reader points out the Dalton Gang's origins as... enforcers. Of "law".

    "Laws" like this: "Backers were so sure the [Canadian firearm] registry would produce tangible benefits, they never thought they might need to show proof."

    "This law is crap!" Yeah, well, most of them are.

    Whatta they gonna do now, get out the blowtorch and pliers?

    Actually, yeah, it looks that way. It's not paranoia if they're saying it out loud in the Congressional Record.

    Cops with child porn. And the cop union lawyer will call him a "wonderful family man" and his Brothers in Blue will donate their sick leave to him.

    Badgethuggery Quotes o' the Day:

  • "Cops don’t have to know the law. They just make it up as they go along."
  • "Apparently someone accidentally shelved their copy of The Sum of All Fears in the non-fiction section...." (Yeah I'm not enjoying Clancy as much as I used to.)
  • "...Department of Justice will not tolerate abuse of power or victimization of civilians by anyone in law enforcement." Since when? Or will I be abused and victimized for asking?
  • 'Training sites “have been carefully selected to ensure the event does not negatively impact the citizens of Los Angeles and their daily routine,” a department official said.' Negative from whose point of view?
  • "Today the bullies wear uniforms, badges and guns."

    In Lighter News

    A defeat for BATFU. (What!? No bayonet lug?!)

    BFD#2 is online.

    More tinkering with my utopia's Constitution. No Department of Education. Or Commerce or Labor or Transportation or Energy. If government stays out of the way, these things solve themselves. (No roads, no interstate freeways, in my Republic. "Where we're going, we won't need... roads." No road taxes, no road revenuers, no union parasites leaning on shovels and getting paid three times what real workers earn in the real world.)

    3146 Thursday, 26 January 2012:

    The World Sucks

    That $20 cash I had is going for fuel tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is predicted to be a very heavy load, all of which I'm supposed to have done by 1pm. Thanks to the donated laptop and my tragically-uncommon ability to not only read maps but use the Almighty Interwebs to plot routes, I might actually make it - but it won't be fun. And Shambling Wrecktm has been increasing its shamble, probably the whole exhaust system is getting ready to fall out and polevault the car at freeway speed, that's how my world works. (No, really, check the archive, that is how my world works.)

    Still Project Gunwalker....

    This Just In: Illinois Still Sucks. Wasn't there something about that sort of thing in that Constitution thingy? By that standard, nearly every law on the books for the past 225 years is illegitimate.

    And they call us bigots.

    This Just In: Google is Still Evil. And Sink the Island. Sink it good and hard.

    Didn't I say? 1992 all over again.

    Epic Training FAIL. Their grandfathers didn't have these problems with a weapon introduced ninety-one years ago and designed by the single greatest genius in the entire thousand-year history of gunpowder.


    County sheriff and attorney say self defense is evil. This from the Only Ones beating handcuffed people, tasering deaf old men to death, killing family pets in wrong-address raids, threatening to murder innocent citizens for exercising natural human rights, robbing everyone they meet at gunpoint, and don't forget the child porn.

    Never trust a cop of any kind. Never.

    Clear and present dangers to public safety. All of them.

    "...[S]tuff like this is just plain not supposed to happen." The Only Ones responsible deserve to be "strung up in the town square and flogged." Which I would implement as policy for all their lying, thieving, raping, murdering, child-molesting kind.

    "...[I]t looks like it's time to mark all police as enemies of the people, and of the Constitution." Heck, I had that figured out years ago.

    In Lighter News

    Train. 'Cause the thugs wear armor.

    When I talk about fabbers and genies escaping from bottles THIS IS WHAT I MEAN ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME [reaching through interwebs grabbing by collar shaking until your head goes bobblebobble]

    Linux... isn't as "finished" as Windows, by which I mean it's not easy to launch applications at startup by simply adding them to the Startup folder in the Start Menu. Nor are the equivalent applications themselves always as fully functional as the Windows originals. But it works and it's free.

    3147 Friday, 27 January 2012: On this day.

    The World Sucks


    Didn't quite make the 1pm deadline, but didn't do too bad, only 20 minutes late with the last stop. One of the things which went wrong was, the laptop battery jostled out and I lost the carefully crafted maps in the browser tabs, so there was some inefficiency in my route, though I did sort the packages in the intended order before starting.


    Michael G. sends the latest Jeff Knox column, tackling the "Why should anyone be allowed to" sniveling. But the other side, entrenched in their positions of influence and bigotry, will not be swayed by logic or history. I told you so. Their minds don't work right.

    “Although San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was a strong advocate of gun control while on the Board of Supervisors, he surrendered 3 handguns when police recently booked him on misdemeanor domestic violence charges.” Now that you have the [pointing] HAH-HAH out of the way, read the rest of the column. The "laws" are wrong, and one of Their Kind getting punished under the same "laws" they enforce on us is a rare thing indeed.

    Cop steals gun, might get fired. Us peasants peaceably exercise the basic human right of self defense without permission and those same filthy cops kidnap and rob us at gunpoint.

    Cops are liars and thieves. That's like saying "water is wet."

    But they're the professionals who can be trusted. The Magic Badge makes them immune to the Eee-vil Gun Rays Casting Dominion Over Our Soooouulllsss.

    Nor are cops tolerant of that free speech thingy. What's the difference between that and any third-world dictatorship? A better electric grid?

    Click through: 'I despise them because they ALWAYS defend their evil "brethren" and refuse to hold them accountable no matter what they do.'

    Cops hate students and want them to die. They believe self-defense is evil and they themselves are not.

    They don't think they're evil.

    They don't think they're evil.

    What "law" would they not enforce? What order would they not obey? Borepatch has an historical hint. They think they're the good guys, doing the right thing.

    In Lighter News

    Buycott Starbucks on Valentine's Day? If I have any cash left by then, maybe a pastry or such. Never did acquire the coffee habit and the typical denizens of the chain give me hives....

    All the Cool Kids are Doing It o' the Day: Let's see, I already have a 1911 and M1....

  • M1928A1 Thompson. Horizontal fore-end, finned barrel, Cutts compensator, Lyman rear sight, accepts drum magazines.
  • Webley MkVI, uncut .455. (I wonder how that would be on bowling pins...?)
  • Luger. Just... Luger. Even a scruffy 4" '08 9x19. Though a 6" .30 would be fun to handload for.
  • Marlin M1895, modern production. Maybe the Cowboy model with octagonal barrel and full-length magazine, maybe the regular pistol-grip version. Not the Guide Gun, but maybe the Co-Pilot takedown conversion Col. Cooper liked.
  • Aaaand, Sturmgewehr. Held one in my hands once....
    3148 Saturday, 28 January 2012:

    The World Sucks


    Project Gunwalker....

    Sink the Island. Sink it now. "Raise it up, and sink it again."

    "Is the prevalence of Peterson Syndrome evidence we are headed into dark age?" And there's nowhere else to run to....

    The evil that thinks it is good. Nuke the Island. 'Til it glows.

    In Lighter News

    ...Nnno, not really.
    3149 Sunday, 29 January 2012:

    The World Sucks



    Codrea examines real progressivism.

    "Global Warming" My Ass, Chapter MMMCXLIX.

    Astute Observation o' the Day: "Decency is at a disadvantage."

    Radio news, police crackdown on drugged (as opposed to drunk) drivers. I would rather share the road with drunks and dopers than with the uniformed sadists who hunt them.

    It's not paranoia.

    In Lighter News

    Show & chat every Sunday 1100PT. -Opening with an interview with Massad Ayoob. >:-[ Followed by discussion of the Starbuck's boycott/buycott and Tom Gresham offhandedly putting down open carry. I am tired of apologizing for a basic human right, and I am tired of people on "our side" criticizing or ridiculing people who actually exercise that right.

    Not exactly lighter, from one of the chatroom Elves: T-shirts.

    3150 Monday, 30 January 2012:

    The World Sucks

    The paycheck is $275.80, before the fuel I need for the job. $TRE$$

    More Project Gunwalker. The Powers That Be are trying very hard to sweep it under the rug.

    Quote o' the Day: "The Antis sure have a way of demanding things that don’t work as solutions to problems we don’t have." Realize, it's not just the specific anti-gun bigots. It's the whole extended genus of crusading prohibitionists of every kind. It's about control.

    Why are TSA agents allowed to live?

    Another child-molester with a badge. At least this one ended up where he belonged - but how many of his Brothers in Blue covered for him? For how long? How many are doing the same thing? That's why I changed library branches, after they put a deputy in the lobby. He usually stands next to the children's area.

    Note the PS to this report. But they're the Only Ones professional enough.

    In Lighter News


    3151 Tuesday, 31 January 2012:

    The World Sucks

    Rent: $390.00 plus $75.18 water/sewer/garbage, due 2/1
    Electricity: $200.73, due 2/2

    Looks like EvilWoman is going to bail me out for the umptieth time. Which corrodes a man's soul.

    Now the WiFi at work is wonky, meaning I can't prearrange my route as easily - I have to start making deliveries in the target area, then hope there's a signal I can use to access the internet maps. Nothing wrong with the laptop though.

    "History affords us many instances of the ruin of states, by the prosecution of measures ill suited to the temper and genius of their people. The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy... These measures never fail to create great and violent jealousies and animosities between the people favored and the people oppressed; whence a total separation of affections, interests, political obligations, and all manner of connections, by which the whole state is weakened." --Benjamin Franklin, Emblematical Representations

    And that's what we have now. What do you feel when you see some fat, bejeweled parasite whipping out an iPhone in one hand and an EBT card in the other? When a lying, thieving, murdering, rapist cop keeps his job and his union benefits while you are robbed at gunpoint for "breaking" a blatantly unConstitutional "law"?

    Still more Project Gunwalker. I've said this before: They don't see us as human beings. Our lives have no value to these tax-paid monsters.

    And they refuse to acknowledge any law but their whim. Why should we obey the "laws" they burden us with?

    Why indeed? The social compact is broken. If law doesn't protect us, then "laws" don't protect them.

    All this talk of Captain Coward reminds me of a certain United States Navy officer who grokked. But that's not what they teach in schools anymore. Or anydamnwhere else.

    Professional sadists. All of them. They like to hurt people. That's why they become cops. I would rather live in a world without police. Innocent, peaceable citizens would be less likely to be randomly brutalized.

    "Federal jury says cops can’t arrest you for recording them." Not in Lighter News because those same cops can still beat you up, torture you, and/or summarily murder you, and get away with it.

    "It's all superstitious ritual." Backed up with the threat of robbery, kidnapping, and official murder.

    In Lighter News

    Progress toward Stand-Your-Ground in Iowa. What sick freak thought up this "duty to retreat" nonsense anyway? They must have been getting a cut.

    Progress toward Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire. (Mention in comments of an effort in Virginia.) Is that FSP thingy actually working?


    Laptop WiFi bandwidth SQUEEE. Makes the laundromat suck measurably less. Getting well over an hour from the battery too. Michael, it is a joy to have a functioning laptop. Thank you!

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